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  • jakebrake - Affordable travel with RickOur fifth trip to Paris and we were looking for something a little extra. Instead of a hotel this time we rented an apartment for three weeks and felt more like locals than tourists. A vital addition was the No Worries Paris guide for new walking routes and maps. We felt we had it all and didn't miss anything. All the personal tips make the Steves books stand apart from all the rest.
  • NTISP - swiffer mopWe use this product in our pharmacy and it meets the requirements of the 797 codes. Great product for the need.
  • Douglas Martin - great non stick panI love this pan. I have been through many non stick teflon type pans and they just don't last. They peel and flake and that is not healthy to injest. I wanted something that would not flake so despite the bad reviews on this I bought one anyway. It works great. No sticking on any type of food and very easy to clean up even after sitting for a day or so. I have read all the one star reviews and the common complaint is that the food sticks. I am not sure what they are doing but maybe they didn't read the instructions. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! I love this pan so much I am buy a second one to replace my last teflon type pan.
  • Jeff Wagner - a Reagan for smart peopleThis is a terrific book -- smart, linear, well-researched and altogether admirable -- about a transformative American president. The smartest president since Nixon, the most decent human being in the White House since Ford, and likely to be re-elected with the largest majority since the 1984 election.
  • Lynne E. - Clearly Written, Organized Presentation of Official Federal Tax Booklets' InformationThe reason I purchase LASSER'S YOUR INCOME TAX every year, even though I use TurboTax Deluxe for PC to prepare my return, is that LASSER'S organizes the information from all the free federal tax information booklets, and rewrites it into language that is much clearer and easier to understand than the official federal language.

    Also, LASSER'S explains how to do the calculations required by all the various forms and schedules (short and long), and provides examples of the calculations, so you can see whether you're doing yours right. Additionally, LASSER'S summarizes important IRS rulings and tax court decisions in the margins of the book. (The more expensive Professional edition includes citations to the sources). These marginal summaries can prevent costly mistakes: for example, you won't try to deduct things that have already been ruled nondeductible, you won't try to treat income in a way that the courts have disallowed, and you won't try to claim a home office deduction unless you really qualify.

    Each annual LASSER'S includes a "What's New" section that describes important changes in the tax law for the covered year. Because Congress usually waits until the last minute to enact new tax legislation, the printed books never have all of the changes. However, J.K. Lasser's has a web site that you can visit for updated tax developments, and the web site also has a free downloadable e-Supplement to the book that includes the latest tax rates and other things that Congress likes to change.

    LASSER'S has excellent cross-references and indexes, and always includes a glossary of tax terms. I find the printed LASSER'S to be far easier to use than any digital edition, because you can see whole pages at once, you can leave the printed book open to the chapter you want, and you can flip quickly through the pages to find everything else that you need.