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Drugline - Karolinska Drug Information - Drugline is a full-text data base offering problem-oriented drug evaluation produced by the Karolinska Drug Information Center (Karolic), Department of Clinical Pharmacology


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  • E. Hernandez - Best VS EverThis Visual Studio is the best Ever! I wish it were a girl so I could date it. It looks and feels really cool. And is so function rich and customizable that I could not elaborate in this short review. If you want to program Microsoft Languages and Projects professionally or learn how to there is no substitution for the real thing although the express products are nice they do not take you all the way there and there is much more limits on how you can package and distribute whatever you do develop. So this is a high recommendation for anyone serious about programming Microsoft Languages or Serious about Learning How to and that can afford the investment.
  • Paul A. Baker "communicator" - Social media empower groups, challenge institutionsAs the invention of the birth control pill and the transistor have led to fundamental changes in society, so too has the invention of social media and the Web 2.0. Online social networks have enabled productive, collaborative groups for form--groups that are larger and more distributed than at any other time in history.

    This in a nutshell is Clay Shirky's argument in Here Comes Everybody. Shirky studies the places where our social networks and technological networks overlap. On the faculty of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, he writes and teaches on the social and economic effects of the internet.

    This very readable book examines the ways that new communications technologies enable groups of like minded people to form more easily than ever before, regardless of geography.
  • kevin - Truly terrific Operating SystemWindows 8 Pro is an amazing operating system. It does everything I need (except play old DOS games and old 16-bit programs). Much more user friendly than previous Windows operating systems. A technical leap forward. Has all the benefits of Windows 7 plus the great user friendly enhancements of Windows 8.

    Plus for only $78, you can't go wrong.
  • Justin Beck - Much better than iWork!I love Apple, but Work sucks. It does not play well with Microsoft Office, which is the standard for all other document, spreadsheet and presentation programs. If you own a Mac, Office 2011 is the only way to go. It will offer support, compatibility, and a simple interface all things that Apple fails to deliver in iWork. Plus it works flawlessly and beautifully on your Mac!