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  • D. Scandiffio - A great product!I so far have tried Fig and Pomegranate. I love them both and do find differences in how they leave your hair. The Fig tends to make it a bit silkier, but not as much volume. I think the Pomegranate smells better, but I am not turned off by any scent as long as the end result looks good. Besides, the scent fades once dry. I have more body with the Pomegranate, but my hair is a bit more flyaway. Both clean my scalp very well and I can go a few days between washes. Both leave my hair softer and silkier. I still have Lavender and Sweet Almond Mint to try. My daughter, who has straighter, silkier, thinner, non frizzy hair loved the Sweet Almond Milk. I also don't use quite as much as they suggest. I have never had better results with any other brand of shampoo, and believe me I have tried soooooo many!
  • Alyson S. - best acne product I've ever usedMy acne started when I was 16. When I turned 19 the breakouts worsened. For 3 years I used every drugstore acne face wash imaginable and no matter what I tried I would still have horrible breakouts that took weeks to clear up. I would avoid leaving the house. I never let anyone see me without make up. I was so self conscious about it and nothing I did helped. A friend recommended I try proactiv, but I was nervous because I had heard how difficult it was to cancel. I gave it a try, and I can tell you right now it doesn't matter how hard it is to cancel because I never plan to. My skin started clearing up the very next day after using the 3 step system and within 3 days it was completely clear. 7 months later I have not had a single zit, pimple, blackhead, anything. I'm amazed at how well this product works. The refining mask works miracles if you feel you might have a breakout coming. Plus, you can change how often you receive the shipments to fit your needs. If you find you are receiving bottles faster than you can use them, you can stretch out the dates between shipments. I get a shipment once every 2.5 months and I couldn't be happier. I will never use another face wash again.
  • spammy0124 - Webroot SecureAnywhere 2013 reviewWebroot SecureAnywhere was the only product of five anti-virus products I tried that found and eliminated a nasty rootkit that was on my PC. The scan is very fast and the product does NOT bog down my machines. The is an excellent anti-virus and web security product and for the money, an outstanding buy.