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  • Dhaval Vyas - One of the finest hours in rockRoger Waters steals the show in one of the finest hours in rock with 'The Wall'. From the opening chord to the last, it is one of the most awesome journeys any music fan could have. Certain parts are dull and very depressing, but the album has a way of pulling you in and not letting you out. Floyd took a departure from their long-song routine and made a series of shorter songs into a narrative. What we get are some of the most powerful, moving, mind-blowing songs in rock history; 'In the Flesh', 'Another Brick in the Wall Pt.2', 'Goodby Blue Sky', 'Rull Like Hell', 'Mother', 'Hey You' and 'Comfortably Numb'. Never has there been a rock band who made such great songs just on one album.
  • Heather WOODBURY "heartful_home" - Must have for Nursing studentsKaplan has a reputation with local students for being *the* program to go through if you want to pass your NCLEX-RN. With announcements that the NCLEX is going to be even harder now, all the more reason to get guides to help me practice before the test. And to get a guide that is updated to the newest test.

    The book gives an overview of the exam. You need to know WHAT is on a test to be prepared for it. Then 77 pages of test strategies, related to the NCLEX types of questions and subjects. The next sections of the book cover the categories of questions on the test. With overviews of what you need to know and practice quizzes, with explanations. Finally, a large printed practice test with explanations.

    The back of the book has information on licensing, what to do when you have to take the test again, and information for international nurses. Finally, appendices of important materials like common medical abbreviations.

    The book comes with a CD-ROM. Once you open it up, you'll need somewhere else to store it because you'll need it each time you want to take the practice test. The practice test is timed..like the real NCLEX. You can't exit and come back and finish (doesn't save) which is like the real NCLEX, but not so great for studying in segments. You get the results back with explanations behind the questions.

    Online there are more questions for practice, which is important for those of us who want to practice many times. For the non-tech folks, it would be better to get a larger practice book.

    I am not relying on one book to give me all I need for the exam, but this book is carefully designed to give you a significant review to nursing school and to help you feel prepared for the exam.