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  • D. Senkier "LD" - The College Handbook - A mustThis is my fourth time through this process. I wouldn't even begin without this book. A book this size may be intimidating for your student,but if you dig in, you'll find a wealth of information. I've purchased just about every college book around and this is still the best one to get you through the process.
  • T. Cotts "B00KS" - This simply works! Does exactly what it says it will do.Highly recommended. Got rid of a large mole that I've had on my face all my life. Would have cost me $100 at a doctor to have it done.
  • estebinbin - my wife loves it...i bought this as a replacement for my wife's ipad 2. at first she wasn't sure about it but after playing with it and seeing for herself how it surpassed her old ipad she just loves it.. "it is a great size" her words for reading, she uses it for school, work and the occasional netflix viewing.. great item for the individual who wants super portability with the right size screen for reading and more...
  • Jennifer - Great PriceWe had to purchase Quickbooks 2013 because intuit would not support our payroll anymore if we did not. When I went to buy from INTUIT the cost was $649.00 Amazon had the exact same for $379.00 I called INTUIT to tell them how much cheaper it was on Amazon.com and they said wait, I will talk to my supervisor and see what we can do! They came down to $599. They also said that sometime you get a knockoff that is not the real thing!!!! Can you imagine?

    Needless to say, we purchased from Amazon and we are extremely happy with the product.
  • Carole "The Romance Reviews" - Favorite book in the series!Elizabeth Hoyt has outdone herself! THIEF OF SHADOWS is my favorite Maiden Lane series book thus far, due in no small part to Winter Makepeace, who is everything a hero should be.

    Lady Isabel Beckinhall was tasked with teaching Winter Makepeace, the manager of the orphanage, with manners as befitting his position as he would need to socialize with the aristocracy sometimes, now that the orphanage have patronesses from the aristocrat. As they get closer each day due to the lessons, she couldn't help but think he look and sound familiar...maybe the Ghost of St. Giles whom she once rescued?

    I have to commend Elizabeth Hoyt for the daring role reversal in her characters, as it makes for a refreshing and interesting read. Here we have Lady Isabel Beckinall, a widow who's also taken lovers after her husband's death, and Winter Makepeace, inexperienced in the arts of the bedroom. As in, zero experience. The intimate scenes were sizzling and fascinating, though Winter is able to turn the tables on Isabel some of the times.

    Lady Isabel Beckinhall is the heroine of this piece, and though she is a bit aloof and cold in the first few chapters of the book, she does grow on me after awhile, especially when her real self emerges from the facade she presents to the world. I thought her interactions with Christopher, uncertain and awkward as they were, gave us an intriguing first peek into the woman that she really is. Only Winter is able to see through her to the person she is hiding behind the mask, and we see here a wonderful parallelism where just as Winter hides behind a literal mask as the Ghost to protect the innocents of St. Giles, so do Isabel hide behind a mask as well--to protect herself.

    Though Isabel is a wonderful heroine--smart and sympathetic--I have to say she is greatly overshadowed by the larger-than-life hero, Winter Makepeace, aka the Ghost of St. Giles.

    I didn't think much of Winter in the first three books. My impression of him is this beleaguered manager of the orphanage in St. Giles, weighed down by lack of funds and the orphans he has to take care of. Sure, he's Temperance and Silence's brother, and he's a good brother because he cares for them. But truly, you don't know him until you've read this book. Then you'll see that he has a heart as big as an ocean (maybe bigger). The problems of St. Giles should not be his to carry, yet he takes them on his shoulders, because "If not I, then who?" I do believe that is a very powerful question. Too often, we think that if only this person would do this, the world will be so much better. But why pin your hopes on another person? Why not say, "If only I would do this..."

    Does this make Winter a martyr? I don't think so. He's just a man trying to do the best he can with his limited resources and hoping to make a difference in a person's (several children's, in fact) life. He is highly principled, focused, selfless, and he works hard, even at the risk of his life, to make the world a better place for unfortunate children. Add to which he's virile and sexy (yum!). He's the consummate hero in every sense of the word, and he may be the only hero in historical romances that I've read about so far to deserve the label "hero". He's not had any romantic entanglements thus far, as he's dedicated body and soul to the welfare of the children of St. Giles, but Isabel makes him yearn for something more. He doesn't take physical union lightly, as for him, it's a representation of the love that he feels inside for the woman. Could this man be any more romantic?

    Unbelievable? Maybe. Does this man even exist? I do hope so, for all our sake. Nevertheless, I'm so glad I'm allowed my fantasy, and I prefer to believe that a man like Winter Makepeace exists, even if only in books. He gives me...hope.

    I can go on and on about Winter, but I'm afraid there wouldn't be enough space. So, let's go on to the other aspects of my review.

    Interspersed with Winter and Isabel's budding romance is the mystery of the missing orphaned girls, who are being forced to become child labor. That Winter should agree to step into the ton's ballrooms is for this purpose, to discover leads by which he could rescue the girls, whose kidnapping was being masterminded by an aristocrat.

    For me, the pacing of the story was just right, the author employing the right mix of romance and suspense to capture readers' attention. The clever dialogue and intriguing cast of secondary characters round up the story to make this an unforgettable read. We are also presented with a little teaser into the next Ghost, and I have to admit I've been waiting for his story since the first book!

    Maiden Lane series fanatics shouldn't miss this story. Readers new to the series can start with this book as well, but I do believe that in order to appreciate Winter more, it is best to read the other books first.

    Reviewed by Ashia
    for The Romance Reviews