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  • George Waters - Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?Pink Floyd were the soundtrack to my adolescence. I first purchased The Wall on glorious vinyl. Naturally I got the CD when it first came out, and now this amazing box set. As one of the most demanding bands around in terms of sound quality and presentation values, I always respected Pink Floyd (and in particular Roger Waters) for producing consistently high-quality releases. So here we have the Immersion box set of The Wall. Before getting to the discs themselves, I have to note that the packaging is, as always with Floyd, magnificent. Wall-themed items include a scarf, marbles, and coasters, along with a replica concert ticket and backstage pass. An over-sized booklet of drafts of album art as well as photos from the concerts really round out the experience.

    Onto the music...the show must go on! After getting this box set, I listened to the original album's remaster from "...we came in?" to "Isn't this where..." The remastered version of the original album is tremendous. David Gilmour's guitar tracks are noticeably improved; in fact, hearing the opening riff of "In the Flesh" is stunningly fresh. On "The Thin Ice", Nick Mason's drums are much clearer. On other tracks, Roger Waters' thumping bass is solidly enhanced from earlier releases. The vocals of both Waters and Gilmour are crystal clear; Gilmour's soothing singing at the start of "The Thin Ice" and Waters' mournful tone during "Vera Lynn" are absolutely crisp. And on it goes, providing the same seamless story in a new and improved acoustic package.

    The demo discs are a treasure trove. On first listen or to the casual observer, the demo tracks might seem short and incoherent. But taken as a whole, they provide amazing insight into how the individual band members experimented with different tones and sounds to create such a seamless piece as The Wall. Gilmour experiments quite a bit over the course of the demos, and Waters plays around with the lyrics to get it "just right." I found it quite interesting and enjoyable to hear the songs evolve from demos to rough mixes to the final album versions. Listening to the demos straight through and then listening to the remastered album from start to finish is as the title states and immersion.

    The live album "Is There Anybody Out There" was previously released, but is still a welcome part of the Immersion set. The documentary "Behind The Wall" is an interesting watch, giving a much better sense of the extensive work that went on behind the production of The Wall concerts in 1980 and 1981. It's also interesting to compare the travails of those shows to Waters' production of The Wall live in the last couple years. Building the wall in 1980/81 was a tedious and at times dangerous endeavor for the roadies. How far the technology has come. I also enjoyed the footage of the original live opening where other people made to look (somewhat) like the members of Pink Floyd took the stage. Very cool to watch and a brilliant piece of performance art.

    All in all, the Immersion box set of The Wall is exactly what you would expect: a very well-produced package that does indeed immerse you into the experience of Pink Floyd's The Wall.
  • Pam Smith - Law-tied Uterus SyndromeAt age 68, at the feet of Sen Wendy Davis, I found myself in awe of these shoes. The one day that I have worn them has rejuvenated the feeling that I own my personal uterus. I can feel the states of Texas, Virginia, Mississippi, Wisconsin, etc, slowly dropping out of my lady parts. These shoes make me feel lighter and more in control of my body. I highly recommend these shoes to the busybody men who play doctor in the governments of all states and in the federal government, as well. May all of these men wear these shoes with courage and experience the pleasures of their hands rather than imagining the little men fetuses pleasuring them.
  • Rosemary Anderson - I love this but shopuld have bought 3 or 4GI love my kindle for the most part. I don't like the fact that it does not work like my phone so that internet is accessible anywhere- they should develop an app to add to it as an upgrade. I love being able to read anywhere and the ability to have varied materials without packing so many different books around so I have something for whatever mood I am in. My daughter loves it and I often have to demand it back. She is the game player and has no problems with her games. I don't like that ebooks are often as or more expensive than the print version. That is ridiculous when the cost of publishing is so much less. I have not used the audio part so I cannot review however it seems to be great with the games. It operates great and pages turn just fine. I wish it did not weigh so much with carpel tunnel it gets hard to hold and is heavy in my back pack but over all one of my best purchases.
  • Bruno "Bruno" - Funny, pointed, and backed up by facts, just like I like it.Ann Coulter doesn't pull punches. She doesn't care how you feel about what she thinks. I bought this book figuring I'd disagree with a lot of it, since she's so anti-liberal she must let her beliefs cloud her sense of judgement. Much to my surprise, I found that she really has her stuff together, she knows her facts, and she has the ability to cut through the cloud of junk that obscures many issues and makes it crystal clear. I found her columns on the Elian Gonzales fiasco the most informative thing I have read in years. And she backed it up with her knowledge of the law and the facts of the case. Wow.

    Even if you don't agree with her politics, her writing style is great and it's fun read. She could use a better editor, though, some of the technical aspects of her writing are too conversational in structure and hard to read at times.