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  • Joel Dison - Challenge Yourself to a More Committed Christian WalkWith almost 800 reviews already written on this book, what can I say that has not already been said? I guess I can say this. In some respects, David Platt has gotten a bad rap for this book because he challenges us in ways that really makes us uncomfortable. Personally, I don't see (as others have claimed) that David is promoting a poverty theology. Rather, I think he is trying to get us spoiled, pampered, over-indulgent Americans to see ourselves for exactly what we are. Challenge yourself to live as Christ would have you to live instead of blindly pursuing the American Dream.
  • Ryan - Do your fact findingI'll tell you what you want to know. First, don't expect results right away. Try using for a full month and then make your judgments. I can definately see results after a month and had others comment as well. Please understand that it is not for a receding hair line, only for balding on top. They say use twice a day, but I only use once a day at night before I go to bed. A family friend with a heart problem was told by their doctor not to use it, so if you have a heart problem, you might want to look into it. Overall, I'm very pleased.
  • Mark P. McDonald - Comprehensive, helpful and brutally honestMy son is studying for the GRE's so these comments come from him. He has found the book and its supporting materials very helpful in getting him ready for the test. He took the GRE's before and used other prep materials and did not get the best results.

    The big differentiator is that the book is honest, sometimes to the edge of being brutal that you need to understand before taking the test.

    He has remarked that this book has much more support for testing strategies, testing approaches, and questions which were uniquely valuable.

    Overall recommended, he takes the test in Feb so we will see how he does which is the real proof of the pudding.
  • BLAKE RYE - Excellent ProductI used McAfee in the past - when malware, viruses, slow speeds and Idenity theft started happening,
    I bought McAfee on Amazon.com at a Great Price. Installed - registered & wow it cleaned up all the crap an runs Excellent.
    The item was shipped super Fast, Excellent Seller, Described the item Perfectly.
  • Michael J. Futch - iPad Features for a Fraction of the CostWe all know that the iPad is the holy grail of tablets, and I agree. I purchased this as a filler until I could save up to buy the ipad, and am so pleased with its capabilities that I haven't found an ipad necessary. I primarily use it to stream video from Hulu, and it's great for that purpose. small, lightweight, good battery life, great resolution and picture quality.