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Pharmacies Ireland, Pharmacy Dublin, Healthcare & Photo Printing - Dunne Pharmacy Group has stores in north Dublin, Arklow, Ashbourne, Portarligton, Lucan and Trim. Each branch has a prescription service, retail store and photography services. Call 01 804 0006 to find out more.


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  • puigfox - I start my desktop more oftenjust like my ultrabook, from minutes to seconds...it is fun !! to start the desktop.
    I was lucky a friend lent me a disk and usb cable that allowed me to copy the C:
    and then after installing it in the PC..the SSD was recognized as new C: drive,

    Naturally I keep some "old" hard drives in the PC for storing a lot of programs.
  • DKSHAD - The PlanThis book about healthy eating makes more sense than anything I've read and I've read many books on the subject and been on every diet out there. This helps you find out EXACTLY what makes YOU gain weight, not anyone else, YOU. It helped me discover many foods I am allergic to Nd "reactive" to. Lyn-Genet knows what she's talking about. I lost 5 ls the first 3 days and 9 by the end of the 20 day plan. My husband lost 8 lbs on 20 days. I might add this the first time I've ever lost more than him in the same amount of time. I think he wasn't drinking enough water-- a must! We are continuing logging what we eat and trying new foods but surrounding them with our "friendly" foods, weighing everyday and if we're up one morning, we just look back at what we ate, if we had enough water? Ate too late and have a friendly day that day. Then it's back to testing something new. Love, love , love the book and many thanks to Lyn-Genet for teaching us to finally really eat healthy and lose some weight. My husband has diabetes and in just 3 weeks, he has normal blood sugar readings!! He needs to check with his doctor about adjusting his meds.
  • Connie - They Fired the First Shot 2012I personally have read all the Books by "A Friend of Medjugorje" that I can get my hands on! After a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in 2009 with Caritas, my life has changed! His work in prophetic! (Without a doubt!!!) I read this book before the election, and I was able to not only understand the outcome of the election, but deal with what would follow. This book is loaded with information, and is a Must READ! He said he felt he was born to write this Book, aThey Fired The First Shot 2012fter reading it you will understand why. I felt Hope after reading this Book! I beleive in it so much I have purchased and given away over 64 Books and still ordering! It has without a doubt changed my life!
  • R. C. Kopf "curtis kopf" - underrated floyd gemit's a testimony to floyd's greatness that animals gets lost in shuffle with pink floyd. if they hadn't done the classic radio evergreen "dark side of the moon" or the high school stoner soundtrack "the wall," this would be remembered as their crowning achievement. Waters is no Orwell and I find the lyrics sometimes simplistic at times, but how many rock albums take on greed, corporate bullies and other topics with this kind of intelligence? For me, what makes this album, as with all floyd albums, is the music.
  • Fleahead - Holds Very WellI was a little skeptical after reading the negative reviews, but I figured I couldn't go too wrong for nine bucks. Forget about worrying about this thing holding on to the phone... it's actually pretty tough to get the phone OFF this thing. I had it in my car over 5 hours in 80 degrees, with the charger attached, and had no problem. I'm ordering a second one for my work car. Keep in mind, I took my iPhone out of my leather case first. I don;t think it would hold well to leather. Like I said before, the only complaint is that it's tough to get the phone to come off the sticky gel. However, it does not leave any residue. I always put the little plastic protective sheet back on the gel when I'm not using it.