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  • CatMan - This broke me out of dust/cat hair hellI love this vacuum. I did a lot of research before purchasing it, because I needed something that did all of the following:
    - does a good job on hardwood floors without scratching them or leaving marks
    - picks up pet hair and cat litter without blowing it around or having to make 2+ passes
    - extra long cord (I have an old house that is short on electrical outlets)
    - crevice and brush attachments

    This vacuum fulfilled all these needs and then some. My upholstery and wool area rugs all look brand new, even though they're years old. The colors on all my rugs are brighter and they are plush and soft to walk on again. Our vacuum came with the pet hair remover attachment, which works far better than the "B" brand name (rhymes with missle) handheld pet hair vac I bought a year ago. My shabby couch looks new again. I use the brush attachment on anything I would normally dust - picture frames, lamp shades, and last but not least, antiques. I am probably in the minority here, but I have a lot of Victorian antique furniture - the kind with a million different turnings, carvings, spindles, etc. I used to spend hours cleaning them with a dust rag and q-tips (seriously). Thankfully, this vacuum has made my dusting sessions obsolete. The brush tool is great at getting in all the little spaces and sucking the dust out without scratching.

    Just a few cons, and this thing works so well that I don't mind these at all:
    - it's a little heavier than most vacuums
    - it is a little hard to push/pull on the carpet setting (because it's doing such a good job at sucking dirt out out of it!) so this is not the vacuum for, say, your frail grandmother
    - it's a really girly color (and I'm a girl)

    Other than that, I love it. Even if this thing only lasts me a year for some reason, I wouldn't hesitate to go out and buy another. That's how well it works, and how good it's made my house look.
  • C. M. Nelson - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1This tablet has been wonderful and has fulfilled all my hopes and expectations. It is so versatile and easy to use with my PC.
  • Judith Estrada - Quickbooks ProFirst of all I appreciated the price on Amazon. It beats even an accountant's discount. It is good enough for anyone to keep their books in order, especially if they do not need to close books on a monthly basis and do not need to keep up with their cost accounting. Even a business owner can probably keep up with their accounting with minimal training.
  • K.Webber - Unleash the SwayzeLast week I was watching a bootlegged directors cut of Roadhouse on my VCR, and I fast forwarded to the behind the scenes bonuses. I couldn't help but notice that Swayze was donning this three wolf moon shirt when training for all the fight scenes. Get this, apparently he was even wearing the shirt during the actual filming because he refused to ever take it off. They allowed this to continue, and ended up using something called CGI to add less intimidating shirts in the movie. They said they didn't want the shirt in the film because it would look like he was cheating in the fights scenes, and they didn't want the shirt to steal the show. Smart. Legend has it, the only time he ever took off that shirt, was two days before he was diagnosed with cancer.

    Anyway, this caught my interest initially, but I quickly forgot about it due to a severe head injury I suffered at my cousin Seth and cousin Misty's wedding when Misty threw her spittoon to chase the raccoons away, and it hit me in the head . However, the three wolf moon shirt didn't forget about me, I guess the connection I made by witnessing Swayze rock them threads was stronger than I thought. I went online to AskJeeves to search something for my mom, "DIY plan B pills" and AskJeeves results ended up with "did you mean three wolf moon shirt?" I said no but found it interesting. Thinking of my own remedy, no help from AskJeeves, I went outside to our Port-A-Potty to empty the tank. I put the tank in the bed of the El Camino, and started driving to my aunt's house. That's where I typically empty out our Port-A-Potty. She's blind so it's super easy to get in and out, and I'm still getting her back for when she took my potato gun away for painting her dog orange and calling him General Lee. Besides, she never has proof of which neighbors Port-A-Potty tank was emptied there since everyone in my town has been living off KFC buckets and toaster strudels since the economy took a dump. No pun intended. She really does have a great sense of smell. Therefore, I also make sure I don't wear any of my Dale Earnhardt #8 cologne before I go or she'll recognize the smell of success and know its me. I worked 30 hours last month so everyone in town is lookin for handouts. "Beers on Mista Wall Street" they'll say. So anyway, I pulled up to Auntie Lorna's and parked. I got out of the car and there she was on the stoop, wearing the exact same three wolf moon shirt. She said "Hey Jasper, lookin good tonight." How did she know it was me? I couldn't be sure, but somehow I think the shirt had given her back the gift of sight that Jesus had taken from her for having relations with a man of another ethnicity. I didn't know how to react, I panicked and hopped back into the car. As I drove away, I looked in the rear view and I saw Aunt Lorna howling at the moon, while demonstrating some of the finest Thai Chi moves I've seen since Swayze in Roadhouse. What was happening? What was this shirt?

    I returned home quickly and couldn't help but notice my cousin Cletus' car in the drive way. I didn't know what to think because Cletus hadn't left his trailer since 2001 when Stone Cold Steve Austin lost his championship belt. Cletus took the loss pretty hard. We all did. I walked in and I saw him there in the kitchen sitting next to mama. He stood up smiling, and to my surprise wearing the exact same three wolf moon shirt. He was glowing, even more than he does when he takes too many of his insulin shots. He said he was there helping out mama, and that she wasn't pregnant anymore. That wasn't all, she stood up and pointed at her legs and wouldn't you know it, her debilitating cankles were all gone. Did this mean that was end of having to give mama piggy back rides when we out to dinner? I didn't know how, but I knew Cletus and the three wolf moon shirt were responsible. I went to give him a hug, and this once, un-athletic man had landed the most beautiful and swift kick to my face. He stood above me and said wolves don't hug, and winked at me. Still thankful, I watched him leave. As I did so, the wolves on the shirt gave a subtle wink back to me, never losing sight of the moon of course, and at that point I knew what I had to do. It was a sign. Just like the time my ex Tracy flipped me off at the railroad and then got hit by a train. So I ordered the shirt the other day and I am awaiting its arrival. I will keep ya'll posted of its effects as soon as it arrives.
  • Steven A. Corso - Instant effectAfter a period of on again-off again gastrointestinal issues, I decided to try these and experienced nearly instant relief from the gas/bloating/etc. I would experience from time to time. It has been 6 months now, and I have had no issues whatsoever, without any change in diet. These worked for me, for my wife and for my adult daughter.