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  • R. angel - other uses for avoid huge shipsI have found an extra use for this book when nowhere near the sea, something I believe the even the author would not have thought of whist writing it. In the hot summer I use it to keep the door open so as to let the air in to the room, and even more importantly in the winter helping my carbon footprint to keep the room door closed to conserve heat. I have found to my amazement that if I open the book at the centre pages and place face down inside the door that it will cover twice the area of the gap at the bottom of the door so as well as keeping the door closed prevents draughts! would recommend the hardback version if gap is large.
  • Lana Velez-Olds - PerfectWas everything that I expected and more. Very happy with my tablet and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to purchase one
  • Marjorie Thelen - We love our Kindle FireMy husband has trouble with the touch screen sometimes. I usually don't. Sometimes the web is clunky to navigate. But I love reading books on it. We've watched some movies and TV shows although the screen is a bit small. Very sharp picture. Lots of storage. Music sounds good given the small size. I'd like to get one of the new larger ones coming out. And customer service is excellent.
  • William K. Young - Yeah I know its 2013....butThis book is still HIGHLY valuable and informative. I just received it and cant put it down. Its easy to read and comprehend for a 'non' reader like myself. The book is a real page turner and eye opener! I plan on getting a few other books by this author I am THAT impressed.

    Dont let the '2012' date on the cover fool you! Theres no date setting or anything weird going on here...
  • M. Hoffman "reading enthusiast" - Great Easy To Use E-Reader!LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I got my Kindle at Christmastime, and have been enamored with it ever since. I got the 3G, Graphite model, and even though I live in a remote area, it uses Edge, and am able to download books in about a minute. I haven't worked out all its offerings yet, but in all fairness have not tried. I purchased it primary to read books and put the "read books" into that category, and this works fine for me. Unfortunately, I sprained both hands cleaning snow this winter, but that has not stopped me from reading. Realistically, the Kindle is easier to hold than a DTB. I don't think I will ever purchase a novel DTB again. If you like to read novels, then I highly recommend the Kindle.