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  • Tamara T. Pitts "tulaplee" - At last.....my love has come along.....Finally!! A pen for ME!! When I saw this product the clouds parted and angels sang. For ME! Where was this product when I was practicing law and bemoaning the fact that I didn't have a pen that allowed my handwriting to say "Hey,I may be a woman in a man's profession but look how girly and feminine the ink from this pen is!!!!!!" And now in my second profession as a teacher I can use these pens to mark student papers with confidence, knowing that the ink that pours forth is screaming "I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR (but in a feminine, non-threatening and dignified fashion)!"

    Just a warning, however, should Bic come out with a corresponding "Bic Crystal for HIM" pen. Care should be taken to show that this is a product marketed to men, as opposed to fans of the Finnish rock band "HIM." HIM fans are rather moody and emotional and may result to self-destructive behavior when they find that the ink from the HIM pens is bold and masculine instead of gothy, gloomy, dark and emo.
  • Bitmap - This book should not be sold to the general publicThe information contained in this book could be used by drug runners, pirates, smugglers, or terrorists to avoid the authorities. As such, the book should be restricted to only law enforcement or military personnel. Ordinary civilians have no need of this kind of information.

    I am shocked that Amazon is so greedy as to allow the sale of such a dangerous book.

    Ban this book!!! It's for the children.
  • AJ's cosmo - Best hair dryer everI have loved this hair dryer for the last 5 years. I now have all the stylist in my shop using it. Q zone is for a reason. When you have a shop full of people and dryers running you can still hear the conversation. Love it. Well balanced in your had. Light weight. Even bought for my grandkids to use at home.