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  • Joe Sterne - Excellent book with tons of great information- especially if you like Google GlassThis is Scoble and Israel's highly anticipated book. Let me tell you, if you like tech (at all), this is worth a read!

    (important side note- I was supplied with a prerelease version of the book to review)

    As you might know, Scoble is a huge big data/contextual information guy. This books really starts digging in to how contextual data can help companies make people's lives easier. One excellent example is Google Glass (which a whole chapter is devoted to). This book talks about the pros and cons of big data that relates to privacy- and they don't pull any punches either. They open up a excellent debate- and freely admit they don't have a complete answer to it either (to be fair, there isn't one). I highly recommend it. Can't wait to see if parts of their epilogue come true.

    As a fellow Glass explorer, its nice to see a book about Glass that gets the facts straight of what it can and cannot do.
  • Eugenia Siza - Pocket Drug Guide for NursesI like the book, but it is a lot thicker than the 2005 version that I have, probably more drugs are out now. More indexes added but they left out the ones I liked in the 2005 version.
  • D. M. Graham "Harpswell Sound" - Fabulous Companion for Baseball Fans!I keep this book beside me whenever I watch baseball or just to look at whenever I have a question about a player. This is a MUST book for any true fan who loves statistics. I have these books dating back to the 1960's. I have one with Sandy Koufax on the cover, and have almost all of them from the 1970's to present. I cannot express how much I enjoy this yearly publication. I am thrilled to have the 2013 edition!

    Dave G., NH
  • Vamana Das - Takes 2 days to get acclimated to taste, but worth the 33g of protein.I disliked the taste at first, but after a few days, I could easily consume it without any juices, just straight with water. Be warned though, it taste terrible. ;)

    Aside from that, it has a decent amount of naturally derived vitamins. It has 33 grams of VEGAN protein content. It has 21 grams of sugar though. I don't know from what really, it's not sweet. The most important thing to keep in mind though is the amino acid profile, and vitamin content.

    One more thing, this really kept my hunger at bay. Their are a ton of products like this one, but I prefer this one for the reasons I stated above. I would say this is a great addition to vegetarian/vegan whole food diet.