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  • Carmen Adorno - Love, love, love...I love the format of the book. I love the size of the book. I love the pictures in the book. I love the text written in red letters. I love the bright ideas on how to do a salady tasty and I LOVE all the sweet recipes! Even the package were the book arrived was amazing! Looked like Christmas! I already did the orange polenta cake and made a lot of fans! Also tried the Meringues (with Orange flower water) and they come out of the owen perfect! Thank you to teach me how to do celeriac palatable! Great book!
  • A Bride to Be - Vets Best Natural Flea & TIck sprayI would recommend this product to anyone, I already have recommended it to a bunch of people. It makes my dogs scratch less. Not only does it work on the fleas but it makes their coat shiny and makes them smell great. I bought the Vets Best Natural pills too which I am not sure which product works better but as a combo I and my pets are much happier.
  • Maria in Long Beach, CA - Not just a book...a work of artThis is the first book by Susan Branch that I've had the pleasure of reading. When I opened it up, I literally gasped. I knew that Susan Branch was an artist and wrote each page of her books by hand and included her own artwork as illustrations, but to actually see it completed brought to light the realization of how much love and hard work goes into each page. I felt as if I'd discovered a secret journal that had been written just for me. I had to leaf through each page before I actually started to read. I was in awe. And then I discovered the best surprise of all...Susan Branch is an extremely talented writer. I could not put this book down. I felt as though I was actually there with her in the English countryside every step of the way; that we had taken this trip together. When I finished the last page, I took my bookmark and immediately placed it back on page one. I couldn't wait to read A Fine Romance again.

    My suggestion is that you buy more than one copy because you truly will feel as if this is your journal; that no one else should touch it. I told friends I would loan it to them after I read it. Now I tell them to get their own copy ;o)