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  • Lauren R - Maybe I got Lucky with mineBought my pan at Rite Aid on sale for $16. Follow the directions and seasoned the pan like it says. Worked GREAT for me. I made carmel in the pan and NOTHING stuck while it was hot. Took me a little hot water and a paper towel to clean the stuff that hardened onto the pan after I let it cool down. I even tried to burn cheese onto the pan I used American, then Parmesan, then mexican cheese and nothing stuck. I cooked an egg with no problem it never stuck..... Don't know what I did differently but I am trying like hell to get something to stick to the surface.... I'd give it 10 stars if I could.
  • tom - Seems to work...I started taking this product after watching a Doc OZ episode. I usually take 3 tablets twice a day, one hour before I eat lunch and 30 min to an hour before dinner. Didn't really notice a change in my hunger. But combined with some other things I learned from different Doc Oz shows I've lost 30 pounds since October. I have not increased my exercise at all. I'm pretty active at work, and don't have a lot of extra time to exercise. When I started this produce I could barely fit into a size 36 pants, now I'm back into a 32. I started at 210 in the morning and now I'm at 180. I also used a calerie MyFitnessPal counting app on my phone. I found putting value to everthing I put in my mouth also helped. I started my day with a protien shake of 30 grams of protien in the first 30 min. I'm up in the am. Then I eat every 2-4 hours starting with at least 6 grams of protien and usually having a oatmeal bar at around 2 1/2 to 3 hours after my shake. Then eat a good lunch watching my carbs, not cutting them out totally just cutting them way down. Example turkey lettuce wrap instead of on bread. Then I eat another snack at 2-3 hours later usually with protien and a carb around 200 caleries or so. Then eat a sensable small dinner. But you know I'm not usually even that hungry at dinner time. I also have quit putting anything in my coffee, no creamer and no sugar. It was hard at first but I think that had a lot to do with my weight lose. I think adding a small spoon of sugar with every cup never let my body use the fat I had stored. I think putting these thing together really did it for me. I had never been able to lose more than 5 pounds before trying these things. I do think the product helped me lose weight and inches!
  • Hubert Pikal - Best Price AmazonAmazon had - as always - the best price for this book. I needed it for a class. I have a small (desktop) CNC Router and I wanted to do more with it. The class and this book did it. It is for beginners and experienced users. Of course taking a class will improve the knowledge you need to be actually productive and do what you want to do.
    There is already the 2014 version of the software out, but I didn't think the difference would be so big to get it.
    The book shows links to more tutorials, info and help. Very useful. It's a very good book and if you get it for the right price - go fot it.
    Search for TechShop on the net for classes. They are in or close to big cities.
  • Kimberly - Required school book for cheapI highly recommend searching for needed school books and software on Amazon before buying through the school itself. I got this product almost $30 cheaper that way and in perfect, unused condition. I'm very happy; it was exactly what I needed for this particular course. Thank you fantastic Amazon prices! :D
  • shelly - This Book Explains So Many IllnessesThis book is very informational and sheds light on many illnesses. As I read it, I made the realization that my diet is the probable cause of many symptoms I have experienced. I haven't been able to add all the components of the diet into my lifestyle but it does seem that it would be difficult to follow for a long time.