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  • Olive Thea Restuffus - DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE ROMNEY PUCE GREEN CIRCULAR FILES!!!Don't forget, as promised, on DAY #1 of a Romney presidency, we shall certainly find PLENTY of both female AND male pre-existing conditions torn from EVERY SINGLE BINDER across this great nation of ours. They will have been FORCIBLY stuffed into ALL the puce green circular files scattered across the Romney Administration, as well as gleefully tucked amongst the puce green circular files of the vast majority of the Republican members of Congress. Picture if you will these same puce green circular files PROUDLY & VICTORIOUSLY displayed on Fox News 24/7, shown overflowing with untold numbers of the nastiest, most UNSPEAKABLE --well, to Republican politicians, at any rate-- pre-existing conditions, poor wretched "victims," still quivering feebly amongst the Obamacare paperwork that they were once so attached to.

    Hmm, now I'M wondering what OTHER things might be found in Romney's puce green circular files IF he should become president? Amazon nation? Care to share?
  • Faye McB - Good StuffNot only do I like this product, I LOVE the fact that I don't have to belong to a "club" to purchase it. I can buy it when I need it and not be hassled by the company or have extra product in my medicine cabinet working it's way to expiration.

    Good stuff
  • greaserdoll66 - Bigger than i expected (which is a good thing)Just got these today & when i opened the package i was surprised to see that all 6 items were a very good size for baking. I havent used them yet but they seem pretty sturdy. Ill post another review once i use them & see how they hold up. =)

    July 13th:
    I must say i am very happy with my purchase!! =) I made a 2 layer devil's food cake with the 8" round pans & the cake came out perfect! Nothing stayed on the pan, it came out very easily!! Now im not scared 2 try the rest of the bake wear! I love it 10/10!!! =)
  • Todd Shelton - "Our social tools are turning love into a renewable building material""Revolution doesn't happen when society adopts new technologies--it happens when society adopts new behaviors"

    If you have ever wondered why Facebook is such a big deal or nodded knowingly at an editorial nattering about the triviality of Twitter, you'd better read this book.

    In "Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations" Clay Shirky demonstrates that social media tools dramatically cut the cost of organization, creating huge numbers of new groups.

    But Mr. Shirky is far more interested in what these groups are doing than what trendy tools they use, and that focus makes this book a landmark. Flash mobs that started in New York as performance art become highly effective political protest in Leipzig, creating "...what economists would call a positive supply-side shock to the amount of freedom in the world."

    It is easier for groups to form without social approval: Pro-Ana girls (pro-anorexics) support each other online. "Group communication is far more resilient than it has ever been...which will force society from preventing groups from forming to actively deciding which existing ones to oppose".

    Anyone interested in group behavior--police, marketers, parents--will finish this book with a solid grip on how social tools help create and sustain groups and the behaviors that interest them.

    Clay Shirky has a first-class mind and this book is a great introduction. He also has many articles and videos on the web. Get to know this insightful man.