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  • A. Baker - Great read!!I really enjoyed this book. It inspired me to go after a job that I thought was too lofty for me and I got it! Now there is discussion in only one months time of a promotion to a chief of staff position!! I have reflected a lot on sentiments shared in this book during my first few weeks on the job, all while taking on the huge task of being certified to adopt. (As a single woman, people!). Just a few months away from my 40th birthday and on a great path...reading Sheryl's words inspired me to keep leaning in towards my dreams at a time when I needed it!!!!!
  • Dave - Fantastic!The Kindle Fire HD is amazing, especially considering the price! Some of the other tablets I looked at were 4x as much as this one. It does everything I need and much more. The battery life is superb. I can watch Amazon Prime movies on it, game, surf the web, etc. for hours before needing to recharge. I am very happy with this purchase. Amazon delivers another solid product!
  • Terry Hitzke - The keys to self-management of back pain.Esther Gokhale does a great job of bringing back the ancient wisdom necessary to address good posture and spinal health.
    I too am an acupuncturist working in the field of sports injuries, back pain and musculoskeletal disordersfor over 27 years. Her work has provided valuable, missing pieces to the way that I now manage my patients. As a holistic practitioner I have always tried to discover, and treat the cause of problems, rather than just the symptomatic pain. Her dissertation that poor postural habits, and the resultant way that we use our bodies is at the very cause of both acute and degenerative spinal conditions, is absolutely correct.

    This book will help you to journey back through your causative postural habits to find a place where your muscles are not spasming and you can build a enough space in the desks of your back to allow nerve roots and muscles to feel normal again. It is well written, complete, and beautifully illustrated. All that is required is that you read and understand the principles and steps explained in the book........ and then follow them!

    Terry Hitzke B.Ac.
  • Tom H "starry173" - Windows 8 is GreatHad help from Woody in his dummies book on Windows 8, but I sure am glad I bought this. Love it. Currently, I am dual-booting between Windows 7 & 8...very easy to do. Just need a blank partition to install to, using the Customize option. So I have been gradually converting over to Windows 8 and I don't think I'll be looking back at all.