ESPRM - European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - he mission of the ESPRM is to be the leading scientific European Society for physicians in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine and to improve the knowledge of fundamentals and the management of activities, participation and contextual factors of people with a disability.

Country: Europe, GR, Greece

  • Bethany - Very good bookThis book will tell you everything that you need to know about the Body Ecology Diet. Although there's quite a bit of information, it's explained very simply. To tell you from personal experience, my husband and I used the advice in the book to give our four-month-old son young coconut kefir, which completely cleared up his very bad eczema. It was amazing!
  • David Rowell "Kenfolk" - Transformer Prime GraySo far I am loving my Transformer Prime!! Below are just a couple apps that should help you utilize your tablet to the fullest

    I was able to view folders on my Windows machine over a LAN network, I just needed to install ES File Explore and go to the LAN view, clicked new and it found my computer and the shared files instantly.

    To play the .mkv HD videos I have I ended up getting MX Video Player and it was able to play the 720p movies I had flawlessly, you just have to press down on the video file, click Open As, select video, the it asks which app you want to open it in you choose MX Video Player and you are good to go.
  • Avid Reader - Chilling story that will keep you on the edge of your seatThis book pulled me in from the moment I picked it up! There was intrigue, suspense, and it was definitely a chilling page-turner. I hated to put the book down to do anything else and I felt so joyful every time I had the chance to sit down and read. That's the mark of a great book!

    Annie is a realtor just finishing up an open house when she's abducted by a stranger and taken to an isolated cabin on a mountain. The story is told through her sessions with her therapist so you know that somehow she eventually gets away from "the freak", but not without a great deal of long-term emotional trauma. As Annie reveals what happened to her on the mountain, the details of her harrowing experience are slowly revealed, but there are still more surprises to come with the police investigation and Annie's experience once she's home again. This book is compelling and shocking. Great read!!!