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  • cherylo - Wonderful continuation of Wolf HallGreat read and a wonderful combination of historical fact and fiction. We read Wolf Hall for our Book Club and plan to read Bringing up the Bodies next as my recommendation. Hilary Mantel brings Thomas Cromwell and the other historical figures to life with her indepth and personal writing style. I can't wait for book three!
  • Johnson - Great but paper quality is not so goodI owned both Sanford guide 2010 and 2013. There isn't a big difference between the two but the paper quality is so thin and easy to tear for the 2013 edition. Overall, as a 3rd year pharmacy student, I think it is very helpful in terms of looking up antibiotics. About the font, it is really small.
  • Kenny - Great and EasyI purchased this Software so I could draw in a different environment.I have tried Adobe and manga studio as well as many freeware programs.Manly my goal was to do sketches,touch ups and start on digital art.

    I find the open area to draw in refreshing and the tools are laid out in a palette format that is easy for my tablet. It runs without the CD and has a simple learning curve with some very useful tools.

    All in all very pleased,though I wish there were smaller brushes.
  • Ventry - An Eye OpenerThe message was clear in presenting how women's significant contributions in the workplace are undervalued by both men and women. Awareness is the first line of advancement. After reading the book I realized that I had dumbed down my own resume a number of times, rather than LEAN IN. Thank you Sharon for raising my awareness!
  • Bill A. Belt - I Trust McAfeeI am certainly not an expert when it comes to this type of software. I have to trust that the software is doing what the developer says it will do until such time it fails me. My old anti-virus just expired last week on my laptop and I was about to renew the license when I got a chance to get the 2012 McAfee Total Protection for 3 PCs. I opted to go back to McAfee this year. Once I completely unloaded the old anti virus, which by the way seemed to take up a lot of space and slowed my PC, I was able to quickly load the McAfee. According to the package I am getting not only anti virus, but anti-spyware, anti spam, anti phising and a two way firewall. Don't have a clue what that Two-way firewall is all about as I just checked my box on the previous software and saw only "firewall" listed. Another thing new on this package is the USB Drive Scanning. I am counting on McAfee to "catch" any culprits that try to invade my PC via the USB ports. There is also online backup.This package offers more than the other two lessor versions of the anti virus and the price for three PCs is not that much more. I would never purchase one of those outdate (last years) versions being offered at a deep discount in my area right now.