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  • Rollin' Deuces on Da Blinga' "Sidekick me at ... - Simpler than mining it yourself!This is a great product, because the days of packing the family in the station wagon, and heading out to Utah or Texas with heap leaching equipment and fully enclosed radiation suits are long gone. Whether its replenishing the home x-ray machine (gotta stay on top of osteoporosis!) or making the kids some glow in the dark watches as Christmas gifts, this product saves loads of time and money. Plus the empty tin is handy for holding Altoids.
  • wackdado - Great TabletThis is a great tablet is less than 1lb and is fast.
    I add a attachable keyboard and now have about 18 hours of use time.
    The build is very strong.
  • Jim D. - Great historical fictionWhen reading about King Henry the VIII, there is rarely enough information about other main characters of the time such as Henry Cromwell. This book, the second in a trilogy (Wolf Hall is the first book, the third is in process) is a biography of Cromwell. It covers the one-year period when the King sees the need to remove Anne Boleyn as queen because, among other issues, she has not provided him with an heir to the throne. The story concentrates on this issue but also much detail on his private life and other personal obligations. Reading Wolf Hall first would be a good idea, but it also stands on its own.
  • Richard - No easier way to do your own taxes!I have used this and its predecessor, TaxCut, for at least a dozen years. There is no easier way to do your taxes unless you have someone else do them for you. The beauty of this is that you will understand what your taxes are all about when you are finished rather than depending on a stranger - it will probably be less expensive too.