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  • Czosnek - Of Course it's Bose!!Awesome! I received a Sceptre 40" for Christmas. Took me a while to set up my spot for it. Great picture and features (also available on Amazon ) but the sound is not the greatest. I got a lot of vibration noises at higher volumes. That's why I got this Bose Solo. Wanted something simple to set up but would give me more dynamic sound. So of course I did my research. I agree with most reviewers that it won't replace a full surround system but compared to the TV sound there is no comparison. Sheer enjoyment. Can't make any adjustments. Remote only has on, off, volume up & down and mute. That's it. I did adjust the TV's equalizer and then you turn off the TV speakers. I have to say that the best part, as most reviewers said as well, is the ability to hear those conversations that were usually lost because you couldn't hear them unless you cranked the volume and then the other sounds burst your ear drums. LOL If you want something simple to set up and use and the room is not gigantic this will work for you too.
  • Doug - Back country medicineThis is an excellent handbook for anyone living in the back country or far from medical care. It is also an excellent consult for a medical provider working in remote locations where medicines and hospital care are not available.