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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

City: Greup, South Holland

  • Jennifer Ackerman - Fantastic idea but not quite perfect yet when flavors are taken into accountI realized a few months ago that when I reached for one of my husband's cokes, it wasn't the sugar I was craving like I'd always thought. It was the carbonation! So I found these fantastic, calorie-free, flavored, carbonated waters (by Sparkling ICE) and quickly fell in love. It was the perfect way to get my fix without the calories! But at over $1 per 17-ounce bottle, I wanted to see if I could find an alternative.

    This is what I decided to try. It works very well. It's quick and easy and very stress free. It's the flavored syrups where the whole thing goes wrong. I'm the type of person that will use what we have even if I don't like it very much. I've actually thrown out a few flavors because they were so horrible, I couldn't even stomach taking more than one sip. The ONLY flavor I've found that I like is the Sodastream Diet Cranberry-Raspberry Sodamix Syrup. As such, I've been attempting to find different fruit juices to mix that I enjoy but I always go back to the cranberry-raspberry. We lived in Germany for seven years and one of the big drinks over there is apfelschorle which is carbonated water mixed with apple juice and it is one of my husband's favorite drinks so I'm always making that as well for him. Too bad I don't like apple juice!

    Overall, this is a fantastic idea. Despite not liking many of the flavors, it's still something that will be getting a lot of use in our household. I look forward to the day where there will be a better selection of flavors but will be attempting my own in the meantime.
  • Aimee H. Howe-Hendle - Great supplement !!!I have been taking these for almost 4 months now, and along with diet and exercise I have lost 50 lbs!!! Yes, it is not magic on it's own, but I do feel that it helps curb your appetite and increase energy. It is all natural so how can you go wrong??? I am within 10lbs of my goal weight but plan to continue to take these. For weight loss I was taking 3 pills 3 times a day.
  • C. Hernandez "Cortwist" - Grand Funk Denon!!!Grand Funk Railroad has never sounded this good. Ever. Denon, you folks really know what you are doing!!

    I even downloaded some Captain and Tennille as an experiment and within three measures of "Do that too me one more time" I had to change my pants from the sheer orgasmic experience.

    Then, feeling saucy, I downloaded some Englebert Humperdink. "After the Lovin" cannot begin to describe how thoroughly drained my body felt when the last note struck. It reverberated my entire soul and even made my neighbor Fred's dog Buster wet himself. I thought to myself, "Self, Denon lights up my life"... so you know what I downloaded next.

    After a night of downloading what I thought were the worse songs in the world, devouring three boxes of protein bars, six gallons of Gatorade and two Yoohoos, I am going to build a shrine to your company.

    This cable is revolutionary. The only downside is that I have to wash all my clothes, get the couch upholstered, find out where the cat is hiding, and get that operation I have been putting off for so long.
  • T. Newkirk - The ReturnedI love science fiction literature. The whole time I was reading I was intrigued by the author's ability to paint a picture of something so unreal through the overwhelmingly emotional relationship between a mother and a son. My emotions were all over the place as I rooted for the mother and son to reunite and live happily ever after.
    This book speaks to the heart of anyone who has ever lost a loved one and wanted more time or had unanswered questions or lost a small child.
    When I started chapter 17, I couldn't put the book down until I had finished it. Tears rolled through the last few chapters and began a steady stream during the "Author's Note." Amazing!!!! Eloquent!!! I will read the "Author's Note" again and again. Thanks, Mr. Mott, for sharing such a personal part of your life with your readers. I loved the book!!!!!! I will buy it as a gift for my friends and family.