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  • John A Lee III "jal3" - A Pastoral RetreatI had heard of these books. I am a pastor and could not help but hearing of them. I had no interest in actually reading one, though. This one was given to me as a gift by a friend. I almost had to read it. I am so glad I did.

    There is not much story. The book describes the exploits of Fr. Tim, an Episcopal rector in a rural southern town. Fr. Tim is getting up in years but he faithfully stumbles along from crisis to crisis in his parish life, solving each problem with a mixture of common sense, prayer and concern for those involved. The results are good for everyone except the good father. He fails to take care of himself until he is forced to do so.

    When I am not reading academic works or preparing for a sermon, I like exciting things. This includes military fiction, science fiction and real history. I have too little time to "waste" on things that do not seem as if the will be of use either pastorally or because of personal interest. I did not think this book would hold my interest. I was wrong.

    Karon describes the vagaries of small town life and of clerical life but does so in a refreshing way that is peaceful and restful. This is true even when issues such as a heart transplant, drug dealers, jewel thievery and dog-nappers are concerned. Reading this book did not accomplish a great deal for me except that it did do this: it gave me a pleasant rest. It amused and refreshed. It was pastorally needed in my life. I only hope I serve my congregation as well as Fr. Tim serves his. I look forward to the subsequent books.
  • Dan - Quicken 2013We love this program! To be able to enter our receipts on the fly with our smartphone or tablet keeps us so much more organized! I would highly recommend this product, even if you are already using Quicken! This is worth the cost of the upgrade!
  • Mrs.Echon - My all around stroller! Love it!!!!Love the HUGE basket space. LOVE all the recline positions and truly,from the bottom of my heart,thank Uppababy for designing the seat to actually be in an actual straight position. I don't think babies like to sit up with a slouch. My baby is 8 months,slender,and usually falls to her sides when she sits up in her stroller (her old Britax B-Agile). Love the canopy,protects baby,great ventilation...pretty much a window! Seat is plush,easy to clean. LOVE how I can easily switch how baby faces on the stroller. LOVE the height of the seat. I don't like to use booster seats at restaurants,and I always request to use my stroller as a high chair. The seat on this stroller is at a perfect level to a dining table. Cup holders are in the way,pain to put on and take off,and then to put away! Nice cup holders,though. Not at all flimsy,can hold small and big cups. AWESOME DEAL. Bassinet is very well made. Mosquito net and rain shield included are in great shape. Would take me a bit of time to securely attach the rain cover,but,that's just another way of mommy showing love and care to baby! I purchased the all black frame,Jake. Love it's simplicity and most of all,practicality! Easy brake system,step on,step shoes greatly appreciate not having to push up the brake! Hated that about my Britax B-Agile. Lots of accessories to this system. Totally in love with my Uppababy Vista! I have the Origami stroller,even that cool stroller has no say to the Vista! This is a bit heavy to load and unload,but easy and so light to push! Rides smoooooth! Smart stroller for a growing family. LOVE MY VISTA! Glad I finally own one!
  • M. Sevcik "head in the clouds" - Don't even look at the coverI just finished "Kiss" by Ted Dekker. I stayed up so late last night because I couldn't put it down. I just had to see how it ended. I wanted to see who was involved what she found out...did she get the guy. I know this probably won't help many people but i wanted to give my 5 stars for this book. I tried...tried being the word, to play detective the entire way through this book. Again I just wanted to give my 5 stars! haha Sorry if this didn't help anybody.
  • J. B. Ballard "Jace" - like medicine --sugar helps it go downIt comes with a scoop, a big one. 2 scoops equals one serving. one scoop plus water per glass otherwise the mix is way too thick. I add the mix, and sugar then water stir with butter knife, then over sink pour the mix from one glass to the next a few times <<ADD SUGAR, trust me guzzle if ya do --guzzle faster if ya dont.>> One serving is all you need for the whole day Right after mixing ---down it fast-- as it will start to get really thick REALLY fast.
    this is not a malt so dont plan on enjoying this taste, treat it like a must have staple for any vegiterian/vegan diet, oh it is green when wet