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  • John Brandenberger - A must read for any concerned citizenThis is a must read book for anyone who wants to understand how our society has digressed into a greedy polluting corporate mess. The author documents and provides a multitude of examples from his real life experiences as Assistant Sec. of DOE. I highly recommend this book and use it myself whenever I want to understand how things work or don't in our government. People say that they fear big government but they need to realize that it's big business that's the threat. If you crave to understand our dlelicate system of checks and balances read this book.
  • P. Henderson - Great TabletI've had this tablet for about a week and it is great. I really don't care about all the negative reviews regarding GPS cause i have my phone for that plus if it were that important to me i would by a dedicated GPS receiver. That's not what I bought this tablet for, but it worked fine in the house and outside with Google Maps. Other than that I'm pleased with my decision to buy this tablet. The build quality is really good and the performance is better than I expected. The only complaint i have is with the WiFi signal being displayed as low, but i think its more of a problem with the software than hardware. My galaxy nexus has the same problem. The screen is crystal clear and the colors look very nice. I am happy with my purchase so far.
  • K. benford - Excellant Quicken Deluxe 2011I have used Quicken Deluxe software since 1994. I have always found it to be user friendly, just right for personal finances. Every year I purchase the current software and always find slight, but good improvements. This year they seemed to tweak it just right. Less keys strokes to accomplish tasks that took 2 or 3 to do last year. I think this year they improve it considerably better. For personal bookkeeping this is perfect for you. As a former bookkeeper this software does not overload you with apps that you do not need.