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  • ilovelife - It doesn't taste that bad - just know what to mix with!My husband and I purchased this as a breakfast supplement/replacement. The instructions on the back say to "mix 2 level scoops with 16 ounces water or low sugar juice." If you can avoid it, please don't mix with water your first time - it might ruin the experience for you, like it (kind of) has with my husband. The first time he tried it, he mixed one scoop with water and could barely drink it. Since then, he dreads it, but my experience really hasn't been that bad because I can get past the fact that if you mix it with certain things, it truly is a great drink. If I wanted a good tasting sweet smoothie, give me some frozen fruit, honey, and some juice - but again, that's just a sugar drink with a handful of vitamins. The whole point of Raw Meal is to be a healthful meal replacement, and not a "taste good" dessert-type smoothie.

    Another review said to mix with grapefruit juice, and that has been pleasant. This is what I do for one serving:
    - One scoop Raw Meal
    - One whole banana
    - ~8ozs grapefruit or orange juice
    - Blend and enjoy! We use a Vita-Mix 1710 - Professional Series 500 on the "Smoothie" setting. Best blender ever, and super easy cleanup. Find the link here: Vitamix 1710 Professional Series, Brushed Stainless Finish.

    There are two key pieces to drinking raw meal and actually enjoying it:
    1) Make sure to add the right fruit to the drink. The banana and juice definitely improve the grainy consistency (compared to Raw Meal with water, or even shaken in a blender ball), and also masks the flavor/improves it overall. If you can't get over the color of the raw meal being a greenish-brown, add a few blueberries to the mix. We've also been able to add frozen peaches, blueberries, etc, which mask it even more. At a minimum, definitely use orange juice and a banana and it tastes pretty good.
    2) USE A BLENDER! This will help break down the graininess of the raw meal to be a much better consistency. If you're worried about breaking down the ingredients in the mix, don't be. Think about a protein shake - it breaks down over time after you've mixed it, but if you drink it immediately after it's mixed, it shouldn't be a problem. Either way, it's a healthful meal replacement that seems to be the best on the market.

    Overall, I give Raw Meal 5 stars, but my husband would probably give it 4.5 due to the taste being unbearable with water alone. Again, think about this being a nutritional, healthful replacement and be sure to understand that it's not going to taste like a sugary breakfast cereal.
  • nursing student - nurses pocket guideGreat purchase, just what I wanted!
    I'm a nursing student who was after a little book that I could keep on me when I needed to look up medications for patients. Very happy purchser.