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  • walilo - A very good productI like it very much, it's not harsh and it does it's work. I definitely recommend it. Since I discovered it 2 years ago, I've stuck to it.
    I feel like other products in the market dry up my skin too much to the point that can irritate. I use this every day and it never irritates my skin, so it's perfect for me.
  • M. Edwards - Better than Curly PuddingWhere has this product been all my life?! My curls are 3B: Curly Spirally texture and this is the best product I've used so far including other Miss Jessie's products, Deva Curl, Mixed Chicks, and various drugstore brands. As is true for most curly-haired women, I need to use A LOT of product to keep my curls from becoming too poofy, so oil/moisture content is important. I was using the Curly Pudding as recommended by my stylist for a long time and while it left my curls looking sleek and moisturized, it was so oily I felt like I had returned to the Jheri Curl era.

    The Curly Meringue on the other hand, makes my curls super spirally, without all of the oil. If you feel you need more moisture, leave in more conditioner or apply the Baby Buttercream before applying the Curly Meringue. It also makes my curls last much better into the second day than the Curly Pudding, which would just leave my curls completely flattened after sleeping, even if I wrapped my hair.

    Just a note, this does give your hair a fair amount of "lift", so my curls were about 1-2 inches shorter/tighter using this product than the Curly Pudding, but there was no poof or added volume. But this allows me to go longer between my expensive Deva cuts, so I love it. But if your curls are on the short side and you're trying to elongate them, go with something else. Yes it's expensive, but nothing else works like this for my hair.
  • C. Gahagan - "L" glass for less than "L" pricingIf you are using a crop sensor digital camera then this lens is a must have. 10mm @35mm = 16mm on the EOS 7D. Super wide, super sharp, this is basically an "L" glass quality lens without the "L" glass packaging. It's a great lens and really a must have for any crop sensor photographer.

    Be warned at the widest 10mm settings you will get a dark shadow on the bottom of the photo when using the on-camera flash of the EOS 7D. The 7D flash is simply not wide enough nor high enough to deal with the super wide angles this lens offers. You can adjust the zoom to somewhere in the 15-17mm range to eliminate the dark shadow, but then you aren't shooting at 10mm any more.

    Throw a good quality B&W filter on it for protection and you're all set.

    It's my opinion that Canon has chosen to only offer "L" glass lenses in the standard EF mount, and offers lenses that are near "L" quality in the EF-S mount as a middle of the road solution to those shooting with crop sensor cameras and demanding professional quality glass.
  • Christina Snow - Incredible world!My Review:
    Honestly, I think that I am one of the last people out there to read this series and you all have been right. OMG, this book was so good!!! Such an incredible world with a complex society, but it never became confusing or too much into the detail, especially considering this was a first book in the series.

    Psy are a segment of society that are very cerebral. They have learned to shut off all emotion since 1979. They work together on a brain trust called the PsyNet where they can connect through their telepathic pathways which are all interconnected. Each Psy is on the PsyNet and cannot survive without it. Any sign of breakdown of their cerebral core through emotion results in a full brain wash which is basically a labotomy...it leaves them as a vegetable. Sascha has been experiencing emotion her entire life which she has learned to hide and disguise so that no one has any clue that she is on the verge of a complete emotional and nervous breakdown.

    Changelings are shapeshifters. Unlike the Psy, they are completely emotional and hands-on. Where the Psy NEVER have physical contact, the Changelings rely on physical contact within their communities for survival. Lucas is the Alpha for the DarkRiver Pack who are leopard shifters. He is trying to find an "in" to the Psy Council because there is a serial killer who the Psy Council are protecting that is killing the Changeling females. Lucas immediately senses that something is different with Sascha, but it takes a while for him to realize just how different she really is.

    There is great suspense, romance, and world-building in this book. I am really amazed by the creativity and depth to the world. It's just amazing and so well-written. Both Sascha & Lucas are amazing characters. It was so easy to connect with them and get caught up in their story. I made the mistake of picking up this book when I had other things that I needed to be working on. Needless to say, nothing else got done UNTIL I finished this book. And it's not just Lucas & Sascha that are fabulous characters, this book is FULL of amazing characters. I know that there are 10 of these books in this series so far, and the key right now is to read anything else besides the other 9 books that I want to dig right into. Yep, a fabulous start to this series!