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  • The Curious Miss Bibliophilly "miss-bibliophilly" - Oh no, 2013 is old version already, sheeshI like Quicken Deluxe. I have a lot of history. It makes my taxes soooo fast to do. I like the charts and graphs. But common with the upgrades! They are so expensive and happen regardless if they have any improvements at all. But after a couple upgrades, you get a rude message that you are going to use your download functionality. Who wants to input ALL of their data by hand in this day and age? People are moving away from even storing their own data on their own computer (hello Mint), so they know they've got us hanging onto our data by the balls so to speak. I got 2013. But it wouldn't work with my password. So I had to buy 2010 because I lost the old CD, then uninstall 2013 and reinstall 2010, then remove the password and then upgrade all over again. And I finally get around to writing a review and HA! it says OLD VERSION already. It works, but I don't feel any love from them for my loyalty. No love at all. Oh yes, I could have sent my quicken data to quicken for them to remove the password, but a) how reassuring to know there is a back door to my data and b) if I wanted to share all my account and financial data with other people then I wouldn't keep on my own non-networked pc.
  • - A Life SaverMy husband was totally miserable with a discharge from his bowel. He was in constant pain and suffering so very much. Nothing his doctor perscribed gave any relief. We were beginning to think he would need to have his colon removed. Then we found this book, and the problem entirely has disappeared. My husband follows this diet and only ever has a problem when he goes off it. My husband even made a trip to inform his doctor. If you know anyone with a bowel problem, please get them this book, it is truly a life saver. The readers of this book maintain a beautiful website on the diet.
  • T. E. Knock Jr. - Something that actually lives up to the hype!It is about time that something out there on the cutting edge of tech actually lives up to the hype. I fell in love with the ability to "download a sample" feature. I had downloaded a sample from one of my favorites only to find that his latest book left me yawning. If I were at the bookstore I would have spent the money and put the book down long before I finished. I think that it will make authors more responsive to the reader. If it is not worth reading it just wont sell.
    I have read two books on the Kindle so far and have found that it takes very little to forget that you are reading on a state of the art device. It is far more then reading on a small computer or PDA, it is very close to reading an actual book.
    I realize that the internet and MP3 features are really sorta afterthoughts, but, it would benice to have a little more control over the music.
    I would, and have, recommend this to others and look forward to a little lite reading later on.
    one last note: this thing seems to last forever on one charge, not like a cell phone. You don't need to remember to plug it in every night.
  • Jared Yuster "metacodger" - Dante's CableI would betray my benefactors for a conductor assemblage of this
    shimmering pulchritude. Like Ugolino della Gherardesca in the
    second circle of the ninth ring of hell, I'll be gnawing on Ruggieri's
    skull in the tower of hunger as I dream ravenously of this talismanic
    telemeter of signal. From the inner depth of my very Ka, I writhe with
    desire, with a burning, keening need for its greased electrons,
    cruising along the silky smooth outer skin of the copper at .67c,
    gently but passionately kissing the dielectric insulation for the
    entire journey, from the molded plastic alpha connector to the omega.

    Buddha was right about desire being the cause of all suffering. Amen.