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  • James Barnett - Quicken Deluxe 2013As usual, the folks at Intuit have put out another good checkbook and money managing piece of software. Once you make any entry on one computer, you merely go to your other computers (up to three), your IPAD, and your Android devices (phones and Kindle Tablets - like Kindle Fire) and hit the mobile sync tab. The software then updates the other devices from the Quicken Cloud. Since we do not store any account numbers on our mobile devices, and have identity theft/fraud insurance, we do not worry about about low lifes stealing from us. Quicken has patched the problems listed by some users.
  • Patricia Lattanzio - No More Suffering!Nine months ago I purchased the book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall. At that time, my son was considering intestinal surgery for Crohn's Disease. Even on numerous medications and after a ten day hospital stay he continued to lose weight and experience pain. However, within a few days of beginning the Specific Carbohydrate Diet he improved dramatically. He, currently, has no symptoms of Crohn's Disease, is off all medications and has gained 25 pounds. All his lab results have also returned to normal. These include electrolytes, cholesterol, LDL (was low), HDL (above average), iron and C-reactive protein (a marker of systemic inflammation). This book and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is a necessity for anyone with intestinal or autoimmune disease and/or autism. The results speak for themselves!The above review was written almost 4 months ago. However, since there has been further improvement in my son's condition I am adding a few more lines. Another SCD miracle has occurred! Today, August 12, 2003, my son had an Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Colonoscopy and the gastroenterologist found NO evidence of Crohn's Disease or any other inflamation including his fistula. He is so impressed with this diet that he has begun recommending it to all his patients - some of whom have already improved. Thanks, Elaine Gottschall, for being who you are - a loving, caring woman who has devoted her life to helping others.
  • Brooks Buford - You had me at headless rotisserie infantThis was an uplifting book I read during a severe depression.I remember being cold through the entire book for some reason. This is a great coming of age story about a father and son looking for an internet connection after the apocalypse.I read somewhere that the Author checked into a 6 month therapeutic hospital in Arizona after writing it. GREAT BOOK FOR KIDS!
  • Barbara J. Young - Teaching Life by Dale SalwakDale Salwak really hits an emotional core with this book, not just relating to the abruptness of life but also how this life can still continue a chain of influence on further generations of students. This book is not just reading about someone elses life, there are many parts that integrate with the reader.