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City: 84606 Provo, Utah

  • Miss M "Miss M" - Use it all the time before travelingI would recommend the seller as they care about their clients. I rec'd item before quoted time of delivery. I love Streets & Trips! I use it before I leave for trips and love the choices of alternative ways ~ I print both in case there is a unexpected problem on the road. GPS is great but when they don't work .... they don't work.
  • Denis Ables - A good summaryThis book prepares you for what you should do next, if not already done. Read McCabe's bible on oxygen / ozone therapy entitled "Flood your Body with Oxygen". I have no doubt that McCabe should get more than a little credit for the numerous doctors and other specialists now using (perhaps even specializing) in oxygen / ozone therapy.
  • modnewt - Probably my favorite book of all timeI read this book when my daughter was about 6 months old and it moved me in a way that few books have. McCarthy paints a picture of a world that is quickly dissolving into nothing, but that doesn't stop the father from doing everything he can to protect his son, both from physical danger, but emotional danger as well. This will go down as an American classic.