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  • Connie Stennett "cjs4jc" - Guiness World Records 2011I purchased 2 of these as Christmas gifts for 2 of my 9 yr old grandchildren, a boy and a girl. They were both very excited as soon as they opened the package, and stopped to read some of the pages, even though they had more gifts to open. The pages are beautifully photographed or illustrated...very colorful. Even though this book is recommended for age 12 and above, The 2 9 yr. olds who received this as a gift are very smart in school and read above grade level. It was an excellent choice for both of them!
  • D. Buchnoff - Great guide for weight lossGreat Guide for Weight Loss the first one I received from my doctor so I ordered one for my friend
  • G. Ware Cornell Jr. "anotherlawyer" - Massive NASNetwork attached storage(NAS) devices can function as a personal cloud allowing you to access your files from afar. As a network drive, other users can access data as well as back up their lap and desktops.

    We have used a 1 TB WD NAS (WD My Book Live 1TB Personal Cloud Storage NAS Share Files and Photos) in our law practice for about two years. I am able to view and download office files while traveling or even in trial with an app called WD2Go. So in deciding to upgrade, it also made sense to stay with Western Digital. I would not require a learning curve and my existing apps work perfectly.

    So why have I suddenly opted to buy six times the storage amount of my original NAS device? The answer lies in a fact of nature. Mechanical devices will fail at some point. Nothing lasts forever. After hearing a horror story of another small law firm's travails when its storage devices failed, I decided I needed something to protect against the inevitable laws of mechanics.

    A twin storage device like this one automatically copies to two drives. If one fails the other is a mirror image. So 6TB is in reality 3TB. Even 3TB is far more than I think we will ever need, but its there if I need it. I am also using the extra capacity for Time Machine, Apple's system which backs up iMac and MacBook Pro computers. I had been using an Apple Time Capsule MB765LL/A 1TB and frankly that "small" hard drive filled up rather quickly. The extra storage will probably be put to productive use.

    The main rationale is data protection and I feel comfortable that unless we have a fire or flood or theft, I will be able to take my office with me on my iPad, iPhone or MacBook Pro.
  • shannonlcorum - Love love love it!(please refer to my before and after pics) I made the mistake of putting a keratin treatment on my hair about 8 weeks ago. What a disaster! I will never do that again. I was so miserable I wanted to cut all my hair off and start over, but my husband doesn't like my hair short so I was in a bit of a quandry: rat's nest, or divorce (well, he probably wouldn't have divorced me, but who wants their husband to hate their hair?). Then I found The Curly Girl's Handbook and Deva products and fell in love. My after pic is taken after using the method's described in the book and the Deva products (one conditioner, no poo shampoo, AnGel) for only 1 week! Nothing else will ever touch my hair again. Thank you, Lorainne Massey. You saved my curls, my marriage (haha), and my self-esteem.
  • Miss E "Ms.E" - A MUST for Appalachian Trail Hikers!Though I believe there to be a few discrepancies as far as distance, this book has been a wonderful guide for hiking the AT. Information about water sources and nearest towns are crucial for resupplying. Parking area coordinates makes it easy for me to pick up where I left off. I love the elevation line along with elevation numbers so you can see just how far you've climbed and what to expect to come. Get one, it's super handy even if you aren't a thru hiker!