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  • pghreviewer - Why didn't I purchase this sooner?Installation was very easy and there was minimal learning curve. I considered switching to Mac for a long time and the main reason I stalled was because I dreaded having to re-learn everything. In particular, I have used Office for many years and was afraid I would have problems with documents and spreadsheets (for work). By purchasing Office Mac Home and Student, I learned my fears were totally unfounded. I have received documents, edited them, saved them, sent them....have had no problems whatsoever. I definitely recommend this product.
  • Melanie C. Tew - This diet worked like a miracle for us.Our son was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 1997. We tried every medicine available, including Prednisone, Imuran and Remicade. He only got worse. So we started the diet outlined in this book in August 2000. We also began weaning him off of his medications at that time. Within a week he had more energy. After one month on the diet his SED rate had dropped over 15 points. By the following spring his SED rate and CRP were normal and he was no longer anemic. He has been med-free for over 3 1/2 years. His last SED rate was 2! CRP was 0.09! Even his gastroenterologist agrees that the diet has healed him. I highly recommend this book and the diet to anyone suffering with Crohn's.
  • Fat Elvis - Seasoning for the face!!!As a cop, I have been suffering from quite severe boredom for some time, curb stomping and bludgeoning were fun for a while but I'm getting older now and I don't seem to have the energy anymore. I was speaking with my shrink a few weeks ago and she thought that my usual good humour, fed by my manic psychotic episodes, was in danger of being overcome by depression.

    She suggested that I take up walking, but it just wasn't doing it for me.

    Well thank the good lord for blessing us with the almighty power of Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray

    You won't believe the results. Not only does it make it easy to administer high levels of pain and suffering, it does so without the need for brutality which of course looks much more positive when being viewed on a camera phone video played back in the news.

    A gentle spray to the face at close range as you breeze past citizens, it almost looks jaunty, and while it delivers the same high levels of pain, it is much easier to defend against in court than a baton across the skull.

    Well I can tell you friends, my walks have really spiced up my life since I introduced Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray into the mix. I'll soon be back to my old self again. Can't wait to get back out there and really give it to all those smug little F***wits who think they're better than me. I've got a uniform dammit.

    On a side note, I was feeling whimsical and emptied two full cans into the face of a cow, it subsequently died from the shock and pain. However, on grilling the steaks from the beast, we found them to be seasoned perfectly.