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  • skeeter - fast delivery, in great conditionhad trouble finding this book in all the stores I went to including book store. No one had it.. They said that people use computers to look up things. I love to have it handy to use on the spur of the moment. Sometimes it takes some time to find particular items on the computer. too many links etc. Thanks amazon for always having what I need.
  • Edgar - Geat Fit!7 inches is the right size! I used to own an iPad 2, i had to sell it and I replaced it with the mini. Wonderful upgrade, it has all the latest functionalities and it just feels great on the hand.

    I do not miss retina on a tablet since I never had a retina iPad, but this does work great for me, as an e-reader, facetime, even netflix.
  • Susan Crowe "I have always loved to read and ... - LOVE THIS !!!!I have been wanting one of these forever it seems and finally my husband surprised me with one for my birthday. I love coffee but will only drink one cup so this is perfect for me. It is great !! I was excited to try all of the different kcups that you can get but was disappointed to find out that the cocoa and cider ones have artificial sweetener in them and I hate that stuff so I am just going to stick to coffee and green tea. When I make a cup of coffee I will run a cup of plain water through right after to get the coffee taste out in case I come back later and make a cup of green tea, i dont want my tea to taste like coffee plus it cleans those little holes out so I wont have to do that little paper clip trick. I can see the little flakes in the water after it runs through. I highly recommend this. It is small so it doesnt take up much counter space. And the color goes with my other appliances.