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  • Alternet8 - see this if your confused with windows 8windows 8 is just windows 7 but with easier control im new with windows 8 but i know how it goes i know some people hate it because of the new start menu they said there scared of it and if there scared of it windows cantdevelopdeeloifno one likes it anymore so why use windows if you dont under stand it? you have to give giveit ok im sorry but im typing on a tablet and its glitching out so im going to stop here chanc
  • KfromTX - Really Works, be sure to follow directions EXACTLYI purchased this product from the company website after reading extensive reviews here on Amazon. No difference in price but I think they threw in the healing balm, which I did not like and did not use. I have a lot of moles on my body, most are small but had 2 which were larger that bothered me, they were on my face. I know you are wondering why I would take a chance on something like this on my face, right? Well, one of them had already been treated by a doctor years before but came back, so I was hesitant to go back to the doctor again. I had heard of bloodroot (the active ingredient in this product) for removing moles, warts, etc. so thought I'd give it a try when I had some time off from work. This is a folk remedy which has been used for hundreds of years with lots of success, long before there were dermatologists. Both moles on my face were removed beautifully. The one that the doctor failed with took 2 applications to remove because it was larger and apparently deep. Be sure to follow the directions EXACTLY and it will work for you, remember some large ones take more than one application and they are not pretty as they are healing, folks. DO NOT pick the scab and keep putting Neosporin on the spot as it heals and you won't have a scar. I am extremely fair skinned and scar easily and although the marks stayed pink for about a month, eventually they faded and you cannot even tell where it was. There is plenty in this small tube to remove lots of moles. I also removed a large skin tag behind my ear, a mole on my leg and a skin tag on my adult son, still plenty left. I know there are lots of people who think the only way you should have moles removed is by a doctor but it is expensive and time consuming, even if you have health insurance. If the mole looks abnormal in ANY WAY you should definitely see a doctor but if it is just a regular mole you want gone, I recommend this product. I would not hesitate to use this again on myself or any member of my family. Best time to do this is in the winter when your skin will not be exposed to the sun.
  • Ben "Ben" - Long pieced together songs to digest in 40 minutes40 minutes of bliss this is pure Pink Floyd and arguebly one of their best the epic song "Dogs" is a must listen for it is 17 minutes but also just awesome "Sheep" is also another great track and "Pigs" is great great great although if you are just getting into Pink Floyd this prob isnt the choice unless your a Daredevil but seriously don't get it if your a newbie you might be confused a bit anyways get it if your a mature dude like me even though im 15 anyways Payze
  • kstahlke - Best ever!I read a million reviews on umbrella strollers. And I'm so glad we chose this one! I can't think of a single thing I'd change. We love it. My daughter loves it. The lime green is beautiful. The basket is roomy and easy to access. The seat has a good combo of support and comfort. The expandable sun shade is amazing. Love it.
  • Kenneth J. Kohutek "Kenneth J. Kohutek, Ph.D." - Well worth the investment for protection of my computerI thought it would be interesting to match this program with my existing PC protection program. It was interesting and I am amazed. The Norton program was able to detect huge number of dangerous items during the first scan that had been apparently being missed by the other program.

    Norton Antivirus 2011 was designed to protect against viruses, spyware, worms,Trojans, Bots and Dangerous Downloads. While not in any way sophisticated to the level of knowing the consequences of each of the above, all of that sounds dangerous to my work which occupies most of my time. I want it protected to the state of the art! I believe that this program will protect that which is valuable...the material used and stored on my PC.

    The cost is reasonable and very user friendly.