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  • Delaney - For Me Pretty AwesomeI wanted to wait a little while and test this out a bit before I judged. It was a bit of a pain to load on my computer, I needed to turn off my Antivirus software. Whoops. Anywho, I can tell you that the Roxio tech support and forum people are pretty awesome, and were able to help me out in no time.

    I was able to use the Roxio Pro to create a project for one of my ethics course, complete with video powerpoint and soundtrack. A favorite feature is the sound soap. My son's grandma used to be a lounge singer and we found some of her old crackly records, we had the records put on cds a few years ago, but the sound still crackled a bit. We were able to clean up the noise in the back of her records. Of course we kept the crackly ones for authenticity, but we have the clean version so he can listen to her anytime he wants. The moodmapping feature of the custom soundtrack was pretty cool. For my ethics project it really did look like we had a professional do our soundtrack and it was a couple of hours fooling around on the computer and voila we made this really professional very emotional video presentation.

    And just for fun we took some old family videos and converted them to 3D along with a few favorite photos. You can view the 3D finished product on your PC or on your standard TV. If you purchase Roxio 2011 Pro you get 3D glasses with purchase. You do not need a special screen or TV to see your finished 3D product.

    The advanced editing is really cool. I'll happily admit that I can't always keep my hands still for a video shot, accident, so to be able to take that out via editiing was really awesome.

    I haven't quite gotten the hang of the photo landscape. But I really appreciate the photo restoration. I have some great old photos that were not taken care of and it was such a wonderful thing to be able to fix them, I cried, really, when I was able to fix the photo of my grandma and I making applesauce when I was a wee tot. I remember the day clearly and now the photo is awesome and up in my kitchen.
  • cs211 "cs211" - Incredibly powerful post-apocalyptic nightmareCormac McCarthy's "The Road" is without a doubt the most powerfully moving, thought provoking and memorable book I have read in years. It is also by far the most depressing.

    If you've read Nevil Shute's "On the Beach", which also portrays the world and its few remaining survivors living and then dying amid the aftereffects of an all out nuclear war, you may have an inkling of what to expect. On a timeline "The Road" takes place several years after "On the Beach" would have. By then the world is an even deader place, the people more desperate, the last shreds of humanity all but gone. "On the Beach" was an impactful book for its time, but in my judgment "The Road" is an order of magnitude more powerful.

    "The Road" focuses on a father and son trying to head south ahead of the winter as the world becomes even colder, bleaker and more barren. They have no idea what they are seeking or what ultimately awaits them. "The Road" raises many thought provoking questions, but chief among them is the question "why?": in a world so desolate, with death all around them, why do they still have hope and why do they persevere? And although "The Road" takes place after a nuclear holocaust, the questions it raises can find many parallels with the aftereffects of other disasters and tragedies, both personal and societal.

    The effect on the reader that Cormac McCarthy creates with mere words is astonishing. His sentences are poetically haunting, at times clinical and at other times hallucinatory, matching the throes that his characters experience. The net effect is so powerful that at times I felt as though the back of my own throat was raw from having breathed in the omnipresent dust and smoke that pervades McCarthy's post-apocalyptic world.

    Although I can easily see why this book won the Pulitzer Prize, I am certain it will not appeal to many. Like other powerful depressants, it should not be combined with sleeping pills or alcohol. But if you have the strength of mind to fully separate fact from fiction, you may also find "The Road" to be a book you will never forget.
  • Melissa Cole - Great product!My daughter wants clear skin but does not want to spend anytime on it. We tried Exposed and with in 1 week we noticed a significant improvement in her skin. After a month... a virtual turn around. She was so happy with the results that she diligently follows her routine morning and night. I could not be happier. I use the moisturizer for my aging skin and love it! It is light, non-greasy and improves redness. I love these products. I would and have recommended it to others. Now Exposed needs to come up with a formula for aging skin. I'd be the first to buy it.
  • Geraldine Ahearn "Author Geri Ahearn" - "AN EXTRAORDINARY BIOGRAPHY OF A GREAT AMERICAN PRESIDENT!"Amity Shlaes chronicles a riveting portrait of a great American president, Calvin Coolidge, who served in office in the 1920s. He was known to many as "Silent Cal" and to some as "Scrooge." His personality portrayed a quiet, passive man, old fashioned, but the most modern of all presidents. His discipline represented strength, and he was admired for his courage. From the governor of Massachusetts to the President of the U.S., he never feared issues in a crucial period of turmoil as he showed the nation how to persevere. His motto of doing less could produce more, along with his frugal beliefs of curtailing spending and rejecting funding showed outstanding results, while reducing the federal budget. The economy was growing as tax rates fell, wages increased, and unemployment was down. As the thirtieth president, his humble service was meant to create a decade of prosperity, which indeed grew from his leadership. In comparison to today's political and economical issues, he was also under great pressure, forced into the Boston police strike, and acted as a man of principal as he resolved the issue. His humble persistence and his faith in the people restored economic history. Under his leadership, Americans wired their homes for electricity, moved from the road to the air, and religious faith found its modern context as the first White House Christmas tree was lit. Amity Shlaes reminds the reader that Coolidge inspired other presidents, and always acted decisively. He understood the value of predictability in government and the importance of civility, and that government too large could infringe upon freedom. In addition, the author highlights the fact that without knowing Coolidge, Americans cannot know the 1920s, and full knowledge of this president enriches the study of all presidents. Most important, Coolidge was compelled to persevere, leading him to success, always inspired by the people. This illuminating biography captures an incredible story of how one determined leader changed an entire political culture. Interesting, powerfully moving, and impressive. Highly recommended!