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  • L Adams - Great product, horrible customer service if you use Guthy-RinkerI absolutely love this shampoo! The lavender and winter vanilla mint are my favorites - they smell great, leave my scalp tingling and my hair really has never looked better. However, dealing with the idiots at Guthy Rinker (if you purchase through them) was an absolute nightmare. You pay a little more for the product on Amazon than through the on-line/tv ads, but it is worth it. The Guthy Rinker people cannot help with even the most basic requests for account assistance.

    If you are new to wen, you will have to get used to a lack of soapy bubbles, but I work out and go running a LOT and it always gets my hair clean and fresh. My suggestion: just order the product through Amazon, and forget about the Guthy Rinker ads.
  • B. Rose - Best Bluetooth portable boombox I've used, period.I've reviewed quite a few Bluetooth boomboxes / speakers. This unit is the size of a 'speaker' but packs the punch of a Boombox. It's solid, well-constructed, sleekly designed, easy to use, and just sounds awesome.


    - this thing sounds great. The bass is BOOMING. The unit literally throbs in my hands when I turn it up high and let the bass rip. It's the size of a girl scout cookies box, yet puts out the audio of a full-sized tabletop speaker. This thing rocks.

    - soft-touch plastic accents and metal construction fuse pretty seamlessly here. This unit is HEAVY. Hefting it, you get the immediate impression of solid, quality construction.

    - functionally, this is your standard Bluetooth speaker. Sync it up and control volume from both your phone and the unit itself. It also has a built-in microphone, but I haven't used this for phone calls, and don't plan to. The weatherized design rocks. I don't plan to have this in any extreme conditions, but it's nice being able to bust this out when I'm outdoors and not fret about splashes, rain sprinkles, etc. The rechargeable battery is a must. With technology increasingly built around wireless data/audio and emphasizing portability, why would you shackle yourself to a wall socket?

    - if you are looking for a portable smartphone / tablet speaker, get this. Period. Given its size and portability, this is the best value out there. There are some options for wired speakers that might slightly outperform this... but they're more expensive, and aren't portable. You won't be disappointed with this unit.
  • Terri from MD - Controls The frizzies!I started using Wen after being told by a friend that my hair was making me look old. I color to cover my gray hair it used to be straight before the grays came in but has a lot of frizz. This Wen is perfect for that & leaves the hair shiny and easier to style. I can also go three days before the next cleansing. I now have more complements on my hair. Occasionally I shampoo to make the product last longer and because there is a little coating on the hair to get more body back in the hair.
  • Eric Troolin - THANK YOU!!! This product CHANGED MY LIFE.I had no idea. LITERALLY no idea that bananas could be sliced. For MY ENTIRE LIFE I have simply peeled and chewed bananas.

    BUT NOW...NOW...I can have my bananas SLICED. perfect little banana discs!!!! PERFECT BANANA DISCS

    I put them in my coffee, have some arranged along the windowsill so walkers by can marvel, I EVEN TRIED THEM ON CEREAL DELICIOUS!!!!

    I ordered TWO MORE! One for the boat and one for the garage.

  • Vibrolux45 - The " Division Bell " This bell toll's for thee!Masterpiece?Just what does that mean? The Division Bell is .... In 1994 I rushed out to Tower Records to purchase the cd...I listened a few times and put it away. I though remembered something from my younger years and music...when I did not at once take to a record it seemed that I over time learned to enjoy it ...The longer it takes to be pulled into a record the more you appreciate what the music is trying to say! Ever buy a new cd by a favorite band ...get the thing home and dig it at once? Well it has happened to me and 9 times out of 10 you get sick of the music within a few weeks!

    The Division Bell is complex is fresh and it is a masterpiece!

    Listen to it and you will see ...the bell will suck you in and you will be forever changed ....Roger Waters is not missed to any great extent as his music became more and more angry and frankly boring ....ever listen to the Final Cut?

    Well give the "Division Bell" a listen and you will agree Gilmour, Mason and Wright have the goods...the goods that is to make a real " Pink Floyd " disc and here's hoping we get another!