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  • LaKenya Johnson - Absolutely LOVE my Bumbleride Flyer!!!I used to own a Chicco (can't remember the model) and it was awful! Whereas it had a smooth ride, I couldn't adjust the harness straps at all, it was so cumbersome that we often opted th leave it home rather than use it and my sweet daughter HATED it!!! I was all set to purchase the Bumbleride Flite but the site that I was purchasing from was out of the Seagrass color; that's when I decided to check Amazonand boy am I glad that I did! This stroller is amazing!!! It's a very smooth ride - once you figure the wheels out- the canopy is large and does an excellent job of shielding DD from the sun; the fabric is beautiful and of excellent quality; the reversible handles are wonderful and it folds like a dream; and the rain shield is not only convenient but easy to use. Best of all...MY DAUGHTER LOVES IT!!!

    My only cons would be (if you can call them that) is that you have to buy the snack pack separately and the cup holder is a bit flimsy and awkwardly placed (I've knocked it off a few times). Also, I can't imagine a big baby fitting well in this stroller for long as the seat isn't all that wide.
  • Robert H. Poirier - Moving to the Center of the Bed, author Sheila WeinsteinThere is no reason to move to the center of the bed if it is a place where your thoughts, emotions and your life has been centered for many years unless it is gradually stripped away from you by strange and almost incomprehensible forces. This is a story of personal survival after the reliable center of gravity of that bed is blind-sided with the death of a beloved spouse due to a rare neurological disorder known as Pick's disease. For all caregivers of Alzheimer's, dementia patients and those who fear its possibilities get this profoundly uplifting read as soon as you can. The loss of a beloved spouse is always traumatic, but it becomes magnified especially if you are living a successful life filled with love and supreme accomplishment. This was the life of Sheila, her children and her late husband George Weinstein MD., one of the 20th century's most successful, brilliant and respected ophthalmologists. The next time you want to curl up on a three hour flight to a better place, grab this book with the beautiful pink rose and white linen cover and enter a world that will leave you simply stunned with the author's ability to take you along a journey maybe you would not have the courage to go on alone. Together with the author, the pages will fly as you share the struggles, betrayals and personal heartbreaks as the lightning bolts of fate tear apart the very fabric of the author's idyllic life. The author takes the reader from the pinnacles of her husband's professional academic respect to dismal clinical places that seem cruel and ironic and yet Weinstein and her inspirational story triumphs over them with love and determination. This book is not for the faint of heart, and if you shed a few tears, ask your best friend or flight attendant for a glass of wine and toast a real life heroine.To find out what Sheila did to help her husband and to save herself, alone with only her family and the will to survive, just close your eyes and listen to the piano in the background. It is Weinstein playing a classical piano piece. It is a concerto of survival with the author as conductor and composer. It is Carnegie Hall. It is the music of love, life, courage and survival. It is what docents do to help others triumph. If you do not know what they do I would suggest you get this book even if you are not on a plane and are curled up under the covers and it is 10 below. I assure you that when you wake up the next day, it will be sunny and if not, you will make it that way. After reading Moving to the Center of the Bed that's what Sheila Weinstein would want you to do. When you read this book you will join her heart in the center of a bed filled with all her other readers and face tomorrow with a new and brighter outlook on the world. Once you read this book, you will hear the author's music forever and maybe you will play some of your own. Robert Poirier M.D.


    in spades. From the shock of when the neurologist's diagnosis of Pick's disease is given to her husband and her acceptance of his inevitable death she catapults the reader on a journey of what that means for the author, her family, and her personal survival. This personal transformational odyssey forms the the foundation of a confrontation with the traditional medical world, of which her husband was a renowned world class leader and her own personal survival, to the moment of her son's marriage and an inspired personal letter to her youngest daughter.
  • J. Pisarek - An easy transition from previous versions to this oneOur business purchased this product because we use QuickBooks for bookkeeping, journal entries, reconciliations of bank statements, and for sending files to our outside accountant. We have been using QuickBooks at least since the 2005 edition, and it has been easy each time to adjust to the changes for each new program.
  • D. Fowler - There are several new features is QuickBooks 2012 that will make you take a closer look at the software ...One of the best things about QuickBooks is the fact that you don't have to be an accountant to successfully use and navigate the program. There is a GuideMe feature that will walk you through the setup so you'll feel more confident when you set up your small business account. I had a friend who had more than one of those grrrrr moments with QuickBooks 2010, so for the neophyte to the program this is a real plus. If you've been working with the program for years it will be of no consequence. If you are satisfied with the last couple of QuickBooks versions, I wouldn't recommend upgrading, but otherwise you might want to consider the 2012.

    Two other things, in addition to the actual content, sold me on the viability of the program. One was the access to instant online assistance. I wanted to check out a question I had and when I went to the QuickBooks site there was instant access to a tech. The program is easy to use, but if you do have more complicated FAQs, you can get up to an hour's worth of time with a QuickBooks expert during your first month of use (888-222-7276) . These aspects are perfect for the "beginner." You may also wish to take a look at QuickBooks Pro 2012 to see which program best fits your needs.

    I wouldn't say this program is perfect, but there are several new features that are helpful to the average QuickBooks user.

    * The calendar feature. You can see invoices that are due on any particular day and and information that was entered. For example, you can see what needs to be done or what has to be done including emails, faxes, and appointments. You can select what you want to see from a drop-down menu from one thing to all transaction. These are details in a panel below the calendar.

    * The document center. It's now much easier to attach documents than in the last version of QuickBooks and at no cost (it came out in 2010). You can add a document from your computer, scan one, or drag one in. For example you can drag in a picture copy of a check to go with your invoice. These do need a separate backup that is not provided.

    * The Lead Center (under customers in the drop-down menu). You can add your lead information (lead name, status, company name, main phone). You can add many things such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, phone numbers, etc. When you want to contact them you can put them in your calendar. There is also a place you can make notes on the lead. If they become a customer, you can just click in the corner and the information will go into your customer base. You can also import your other leads.

    * Batch Timesheet Entry Function. Timetracking must be enabled, time data needs to be turned on for all employees you want included, and you need to use the Weekly Timesheet Function. This function is a bit tricky because of the prerequisites and necessary similarities in pay. For example, the employees need to be working on the same job and be putting in the same number of hours. There are online tutorials that are very helpful when you wish to implement this extremely useful feature.

    * A list of memorized transactions. There is a detailed list of what you may or many not choose to be entered into your program. You can choose when you want to enter them.

    * To Do List. These can be arranged by type (calling, faxing, emailing, appointment). They can also be prioritized and there is a notes section to use.

    * The ability to export reports to Excel so that they can be formatted is a very nice feature. You can update an existing spreadsheet. The information can be pull from QuickBooks into Excel.

    * Wildcard Search. When you go into the customer center you can narrow down and select certain customers. For example, if you want to find a list of active customers, but don't know a particular name you can do a keyword search. If you know the customer's name is Joe just enter it in and his information will come up. You don't even need an exact match to get a hit.

    Like anything, it depends on what you are looking for and the reason you need it. If you want a place where you can centrally organize your records and have them ready come tax time this is probably a program that will do just that. If you want online billpay included, don't bother because it isn't here. I love many of the new features and so do many of my friends. If you have a small business, I think you might wish to add this one to your list. The learning curve is not steep, the program is fun to play around with, and there are many online tutorials in addition to the expert help from QuickBooks. If what you need is in the program, I'd highly recommend it.
  • dklingen - From Quicken 2009 to 2011 (too many bad reviews of 2012)So, once again Quicken forces me to upgrade my Quicken software in order to maintain being able to download financial data from the internet (banks, credit cards, etc...) The 1st time this happened was going from 2006 to 2009. Some crazy concept about cycling (translated to disabling) download support every 3 or 4 years. Anyhow, I really liked Quicken 2009 and didn't want to change. For reasons unknown Quicken destroyed (or hid) the Forecasting in versions after 2009. From reading MANY really poor reviews I chose to skip 2012 and instead buy 2011. It turned out you can get to Forecasting in 2011 by going to the "Income vs Expenses" report under "Options" select the "Forecast my income and expenses" and viola. Overall 2011 has worked out fine with no issues and I am happy with it! I am also dreading that the next 3/4 year upgrade (2015) is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back (the point at which Quicken no longer does what I need it to do). If only Quicken would leave well enough alone and quits making "improvements" which break beloved features...