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Hartford HealthCare Medical Group - A multi-specialty surgical group practice in Connecticut of almost 60 physicians practicing in 14 specialties. - Hartford HealthCare Medical Group is one of the largest multi-specialty practices in Connecticut and Southern New England with over 250 providers practicing in over 30 different specialty areas.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: 78218 San Antonio, Texas

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  • Jessi - Definitely worth trying!I have been using Fertilaid for 2,5 months to regulate my anovulatory cycle and I've started to see that it really works. Here is my story: I used to have a period every month before starting birth control pills for contraception. 6 months after I got off the bcp, I started to have weird periods (no period for 4 months, then a non-stop period, used provera, then no period again). Obviously I was not ovulating. My ob/gn suggested bcp again and told me to come again when ready to get pregnant by Clomid. She thinks I have pcos, although I don't have many of its symptoms except no ovulation, high LH/FSH ratio, and multiple cycsts in the ovaries. Anyway, instead of doing that I wanted to try these pills and during the second bottle I noticed I am having fertile cervical mucus, breast tenderness which were not there before, my constantly high LH started to behave well, and finally last month I had a period of my own! This month also I am experiencing the same signs. If you are planning to use this product, just be patient and use it for at least 2-3 months. Hopefully you will see the results soon! Good luck!
  • hwaran "bluearc" - convenient and easyI drink carbonated water because I like the kick it has. The starter kit came with two bottles which is perfect for me as a single person to always have one chilled bottle on hand. You'll need more bottles if you're going to use for a family. I am very happy and satisfied with the level of carbonation, ease of use and convenience.

    I love the fact that I no longer contribute to the carbon footprint in transporting bottles of plastic and glass from places of origin to the places of distribution to the shelves at my neighborhood store then into my car to my home. I feel less guilt as I use less and discard less plastic bottles since it comes with the two bottles that are good for several years. And, I'd rather use my strength and energy playing with my nephew rather than hauling bottles and bottles of water out of my car up the flights of stairs.