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  • Rob Allen - This is the best book I have encountered on this topic and serves as an excellent resource.As a Christian and a pastor, I was delighted to see this book published. This book is an incredible story of God's grace as the author, a homosexual man, has sought to remain sexually pure according to God's will as revealed in Scripture. The author is very forthright and transparent in sharing the struggles he has encountered. No simplistic responses are offered; neither is there any attempt to avoid the clear teaching of Scripture. I have recommended and shared this book with many people whatever their sexual orientation may be and will continue to do so. I know of no other work that is as biblically orthodox, pastorally sensitive, and culturally relevant as this volume. Dr. Hill is to be commended for providing such an excellent resource for the Christian community. He clearly show how everyone, whether heterosexual or homosexual, single or married, is called by God to live a life of sexual purity. I have great respect and admiration for Dr. Hill. Rob Allen
  • Richard l epps - Good ideain my opinion, if you do not have a touch screen computer, windows 8 is useless. i mean its pretty cool to have, but the way the built this program is basiclly around a tablet OS. it is manageable with your mouse, but like i said, its made for a touch screen computer or tablet...
  • David G. - Nascar 2011 the gameAbsolutely awesome game. Only flaws are that you automatically lose if you run out of gas and can't coast back to the pits. Also, these aren't the new cars Nascar is running in 2011 without the front braces on the splitter, but it does have the new spoiler. Replay mode is great, and overall a great game.
  • John K. Jordan "JKJ" - Using for a year now - excellentUsing this nearly every day for about a year. Works very well for me. I exchange cylinders at a local retailer.

    Some points:

    Carbonation: I did not get useful carbonation until I learned how to use it properly. (The instructions are not clear.) Now the water is so carbonated it nearly bubbles out of the glass when poured over crushed ice. The carbonation easily lasts for days in the fridge.

    Syrups: I have never added syrup to a bottle to make an entire liter of beverage. I usually drink it unflavored, but if I want syrup I pour carbonated water over ice then add a little syrup and stir. This allows more control of the strength, less waste, and gives far more variety. For a healthier drink, try mixing fresh orange or cranberry juice into a glass of carbonated water - this is much cheaper than the official syrups as well. Or mix in a touch of cherry syrup with another flavor. Visiting kids love to mix up crazy combinations!

    Operation: I find the device quite easy to use. I keep it pushed way back on the counter and pull it up to the edge for use. Always use chilled water. For the person having trouble reaching in to screw the bottle tight, don't do that - just cup the bottom of the bottle with one hand, press at the top of the unit with the other hand to tilt the bottom outwards, then twist to fasten the bottle. As for charging, the instructions are not clear. If you press too rapidly or with too short bursts the carbonation may be weak. I press the charging button for probably 1/2 second for each burst with a short delay between each press. After the first "burp" sound I wait a second or three between further presses for two or three additional "burps." Be sure to fasten the cap securely before storing. Always keep it cold - the bottle will lose carbonation rapidly if left to warm on the counter, especially if opened while not very cold.

    Quality: the "cheap plastic" others have mentioned has held up well in the first year of use. However, I have never dropped it on the floor or let the dogs play with it.

    Cost: seems reasonable to me. While it is a shame that their price for pressurized carbon dioxide is so high, i don't think the overall cost is too high. $15 for 60 liters is about 25 cents a liter. Add for syrup if you use it. The cost of using the equipment depends on how long you use it. Say you spend $100 on equipment. Use it for one month and it will cost $100 per month; use it for three years and the cost of equipment less than $3 per month.
  • Taylor @ Pink Heels Pink Truck - Fantastic Read!!Set in 2 time periods in France/England/New York that are fascinating to me, The Perfume Collector, had me hooked from the very first chapter. It was so beautifully written. It had love, romance, mystery, depth, longing, family relationships, secrecy and so much more. Definitely add this book to your must read list!