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  • emersive - Diablo 3: Standard Edition GameplayI did try to play it the day it was released without success. I think that frustrated early adopters punished Blizzard and the reviews for that. However, I don't think this is really a fair basis to judge the game on though like so many people did. Yes, it was frustrating, but it seems like they have things under control at this point. I was able to play yesterday without any sort of lag or hiccup. In other words I feel confident that if you are interested in playing the game, you can go ahead and order without worry about the server issues.

    As far as the game goes. I am not far through it, but I like it. I have been playing with a party of a few friends (I recommend using a voice-over ip client while doing so.) The game is intuitive and fun to play through. The graphics were less impressive than I expected. However, overall I think this is a solid game and worth the money.

    I will be interested to see what the replay value will be like once I've beat the game. I will admit I love Starcraft 2 because of the changes in the meta-game online... I am not sure how Diablo 3 will stack up.
  • Jessica Smith - Best acne skin care product!I have been using exposed for over a year now and will not use anything else. I have tried many over the counter products and prescription medications including accutane and this is the only stuff that has worked. It does not over dry your skin and leaves it feeling soft and comfortable. Great stuff!