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  • Zaphanaphanea - True sustenanceI too read the reviews about the taste, but since I already consume organic foods, I knew what to expect on taste. What is good for you, is not always good to you. However, I missed my first tub with unfiltered apple juice and a banana....I tell you, I had to make myself eat lunch. I work out 2X a day and have always eaten little small meals throughout the day, but this stuff is phenomenal. I work out in the morning around 4:45 and probably shower and get dress around 6:00 AM. I mix my drink and head out the door. Usually I am starving by 9:00 for a snack. Lately, it has been about 12:30 PM and I realize I need to eat lunch....Oh no! I forget my snack this morning.

    This taste is not bad now that I used 16 oz of Evamor water with a banana. It taste rather delicious and so full of secret tastes that explode in your mouth. This is the way I explosion of great stuff that produces great feelings all day. I cycle, ride horses, beachbody workouts and weight training. I could not be more satisfied.

    I also notice my hair is growing faster and my nails. I have already bought another tub....3 tubs altogether.

    Since I started this meal replacement, I have lost 11 lbs. Of course, I added an additional workout.
  • nightfey - ASUS Transformer Prime TF201-C1-GR 10.1-Inch 64GB TabletThis was pearched for my son , He say this is the best tablet he ever used. This tablet does almost any thing a person need to do any where that they may be. I believe it to be a really great buy.