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  • Raymond R. Yap - Didn't believe it would work at firstThis was just recommended by a friend. Although I did not really have a big problem with bad breath, I did have occassional bouts with it specially when I eat certain types of food or drink coffee. What intrigued me was my friend saying it will remove bad morning breath which I could not believe.

    Whoa and behold, it did work. Your breath in the morning will not be minty and fresh but there is absolutely no odor. Its like something neutral. If this is possible then it works wonders during the day without any problem.

    There instructions say a capful twice a day. I actually use only 2/3 of capfull and only every morning and it works fine. This means that people with bigger breath problems could do it twice or maybe try some of the other Dr. Katz product along with this like the toothpaste if needed.

    Be sure to gargle 1.5 minutes minimum as recommended. I tried shorter than that and sometimes it does not work as well...
  • Bibliophile - From no digestion to a normal lifeI bought this book because I was no longer digesting food normally. Nearly everything I ate was passing through unchanged, and I was very concerned that I would be unable to work, enjoy going out for a normal life, not to mention what may happen to my health if I could not digest food! Doctors/scopes were no help. There were no pathogens detected, and I do not have any of the diagnoses listed by other reviewers; the only lead I have is that it seems the decade of nonstop NSAIDs damaged the small intestine, not accessible with scopes. I've since learned from medical journals that NSAIDs rapidly ulcer the small intestine in the vast majority of people. Anyway, I followed this diet, with very quick improvement. The references to actual research was one of the things I appreciated. If a doctor doesn't "buy into" this program, I am ready with the proof! I also don't think I ever would have figured out that starches were a problem if this book didn't clearly spell that out. It has been half a year for me; healing this much damage does take time and I am not done, but as long as I follow the diet I do very well. Regardless of the source of intestinal damage, it seems there is a similar healing process so this book is likely to be helpful to anyone who needs to heal the intestines. I highly recommend this book. Best wishes for good health!
  • Rebecca Trogner - Marriage Gone WrongWow - I loved the structure of this book. I'm sure all the readers have a feeling that the diary entries aren't exactly accurate. But the extent of it is amazing.

    Is this a page-turner? Absolutely.
    Does it have interesting characters? You Betcha
    Does it have unlikeable characters that feel real? Oh yea

    My one gripe with the book and it isn't really a grip just me being me. Lie Detector test. Yes, sometimes these aren't admissible. But they are a tool law enforcement uses and the lack of it in the book seemed strange.

    I enjoyed this author so much I've already started reading another of her books.