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Country: Europe, EE, Estonia

  • J Lane - Sailing through timeI really enjoy this datebook. This is the 5th year I've been guided through the seasons with the great info about each day, such as the moon's cycles and astrological events. Love the simple rituals to celebrate our days on the planet. There is just enough space to write down appointments or reminders of a day's events. So much more to offer than a traditional calendar.
  • Gaile Bowman - A must have for a fussy babyI plan on doing foster care for drug withdrawal babies when I retire and after using these in the hospital setting I know they are a must have. Easy to put together. Variety of speeds, motions and sounds.
  • pcoisma - Keep It Simple Stupid (Kiss) explains this book.I only had a month to prepare for the GMAT, so time and shortcuts were of essence. I can not learn a foreign language (GMAT you'll see) or to re-learn math it that amount of time. This gave me the best chance by eliminating answers. Worst case scenario in Data Sufficiency you have a 1-3 chance if guessing. If doing a fast GMAT you NEED this book!
  • Koenigin - A common sense bookDon't get confused by the that one crude word in the title! The author of this book is using common sense to explain her opinions. The book is realistic and has substance. A book that should be read by women of all ages, prevention for the young ladies and reminders for the mature ladies! :-) Thank you!
  • Gloria Grant "beatles fan" - Gloria Grant writes:I chose this rating because I was pleasantly uplifted by Elizabeth's attitude all through the book. Horrible things happened to her and she still found things to be grateful for everyday!! It made me think about my own life and the fact that I have a great life with food every day and heat and a place to live. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your ordeal with the rest of the world.