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  • Laura Riehle "Laura Riehle" - Amazing Smooth FeetI purchased this at CVS and couldn't wait to try it out. It's easy to put together but what's tricky about it, is in how much pressure you use. You have to apply light pressure and do quick movements. You'll get the hang of it after awhile and once you do, your feet will feel and look amazing. I made everyone feel my feet and then did my daughters and my boyfriends. : ) Best gift I've ever gotten myself.
  • Frank T. Steele - very fun to use, and simple enough for the kidsI love this kindle. it is our 4th. i am not even disappointed that they cam out with HDX so soon after I bought this. The resolution is great for reading books and watching movies, even if it is not "retina" level. I do think the OS is a little simplistic, and since I am used to Android i find myself wanting to do more things. But as an Ereader and entertainment tablet this works great. the only thing I wish it had was a sd card slot, but i can undertand why it was not in Amazons interest to include one.

    To own this without being an Amazon prime member would be absurd.
  • Samer Kanjo - Great powers with a side of wrath.I hesitantly bought this shirt not sure if the reviews were really true. I can say with all certainty that the reviews are true.

    I wear my shirt to work on Fridays. Since I started wearing the shirt I find $100 bills lying on the ground in plain view. The pedestrian traffic does not seem to notice the windfall they are stepping on. I also started being offered free donuts and bagels while walking to the office. It is not just one or two goodies but rather one or two dozen. Naturally I share these at the office.

    The strangest thing happened to me just last week. I had worked all night on Wednesday and went right to work Thursday morning without sleep. I thought it was Friday and wore my shirt. Everybody at work wondered why I was wearing my shirt on Thursday rather than Friday. I insisted that it was Friday. That week had two Saturdays! Next week I am going to try it again but it may only work if I really believe it is Friday.

    Now for the bad news. My son and I play Minecraft so naturally I have my own server to accommodate our need to play. I found a three creeper and moon shirt here on Amazon and thought I would add it to collection of Friday apparel. I wore the shirt on the first Friday. That day my Minecraft server was griefed badly. Fortunately I did have a backup and was able to restore the server. However, I took it as a warning from the three wolf shirt most likely upset by the parody. While I still do have the three creeper shirt I have never worn it again.

    So when buying this shirt bear in mind that there are great rewards but you must also have great respect for the power least you fall victim to the shirts wrath.