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  • Alandriel - More "For Her" productsDear Bic,

    While I am so happy with my Cristal Pens and all my notes, lists and recipes look like so much fun, I wish you could make more products "For Her":

    1. A remote that allows only "Lifetime" and "Oprah" channels

    2. A calculator with only "+" and "-", all other confuse me

    3. VERY IMPORTANT: a keyboard that allows me to type and go only to certain websites.

    I say the last one, because while writing with pen on paper allowed my femininity to blossom, as soon as I am in front of a computer I find myself checking ProFootBall Talk, trying to set my fantasy football team or checking scores. I am thoroughly ashamed that if I Google a football player, I am not looking for the pretty ones, but at their stats last season and if they are still going to be on my favorite team next season.

    PLEASE HELP ME BE A WOMAN! I have no business watching prime time comedies or procedurals and why do I even have a favorite football team? Sundays are for cooking and attending to my DH and his friends while they watch the game, not yell "It was a PI, you stupid zebra"
  • Jaquelyn Greene - This has really worked for me!I am so excited! I've been taking this since January 2nd and have lost over 11 pounds! I cut down my caloric intake and have increased my exercise, and I take 1 Garcinia Cambogia pill before each meal (3/day) and I'm actually seeing results. I've dieted and exercised in the past with little success, and I always had a difficult time fighting cravings but I really believe this pill has helped me stop having cravings. I no longer want cheeseburgers and chocolate icecream and all that other unhealthy food. Also, I am actually satisfied after eating when I take these pills, I have no more desire for second or third helpings. I have PCOS and am in the obese weight range and have been my whole life. I've tried so many times and thought I'd never lose weight. Now I actually have hope that I can obtain a healthy weight! In fact, my 23rd birthday was this past week and I allowed myself cake and icecream and fast food, but I still lost 4 lbs. And I haven't had any negative side effects. In my opinion, this product is great!
  • J. Lundak - Impressive portable high chairMy daughter researched this and had it delivered to our house for her visit with her 6 mos old daughter. I was REALLY impressed. It was soft and comfy. It allowed our granddaughter to sit at the table with us and the safety belt held her securely even though she can not sit on her own yet. It doesn't have a tray but you can put a plastic place mat down on the table and with a plastic bib, you are set to go. Just be sure to watch what you put within reach of your little one (knives, forks, breakables). It folds down and has its own carry/storage bag built in. The design is very well thought out.
  • jewels - I MISS New York CIty!...This book brought me back for a glorious visit! I lived in NYC for 6 years and then moved back to the midwest after 9/11. All the things I love and miss about New York City have been captured in this small book. What a treasure to remind me of the the color, the culture and sweet humanity that exists in this very special city. Powerful pictures, powerful book! Great price, perfect gift to give!