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  • Bernard Show "Charlie the Lion King" - Excellent compendium of ideas.I liked and enjoyed this book very much even though it might have been a collection of essays/articles, some previously published in various magazines.

    Sometimes you get the impression, as some reviewers have noted, that there are digressions between some of the subjects under discussion, but I believe that the writer is giving some personal insights--no matter how irreal or virtual they might have been-- which belongs to his private, intimate experiences offering an structure of his vision and perspective of the world he, and whether we like it or not, all of us live in, although sometimes I think too many do not seem to be living on this planet.

    The prose is straightforward but, to me, on many instances exquisite. On page 388 he reaches his overall conclusion and from pages 392-394 he uses one of his extensive reference authors and his own criteria based on facts that we all can see, but many seem not to take into consideration for anything, to predict what is happening almost three years after he published this book,that is: at present time.

    I find this book an excellent read.
  • B. Van Ness "Cloudwaltzer" - My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2I am new to tablets and am still getting use to it. It is a great alternative to my laptop and I like it very much. I would recommend this product to everyone!
  • A. Gumbus - Quicken Premier 2012Quicken has upgraded the 2011 version with great success. The entire program runs faster, backs up data faster and downloads data (Stock and Mutual Fund prices faster). I run this program in VMware Fusion 4.x on my iMac and it performs perfectly. Integration with the network, printers and the iMac is perfect. I would highly recommend this 2012 version of Quicken to anyone who wants to take control of their finances and wants to run it on an iMac with Fusion.
  • kaytins - Tiffany Bluebeautiful color fits great on my late 2010 Macbook pro. Every thing lines up nicely and fits snug, can be a little bit difficult to take off. and the key cover is a few shades darker that the outer case but I don't really mind. The only con I have is the key cover itself, the letters don't quite line up correctly with the mac"s actual key's letters making the key light difficult to shine through. So like when your using you Mac in the dark you can't really see the letters very well, it makes the keys look almost milky but I still use it because its cute :)