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  • John Green - Best preparation for international test takersFirstly, I am from South Africa, as such I have never fully experienced the Maths that the SAT Math II tests, and I wrote the subject tests during my final grade 12 exams. I still, however, managed 800 on it, and I thank this book for my score. I enjoy maths, and in terms of my own curriculum, I achieve high grades. When I looked at SAT maths for the first time, I was bewildered and confused.

    I purchased this book along with Barron's SAT Math Level 2. I started off learning from Barron's, and I was completely lost. Not enough examples, ambiguous explanations and very short in length. About the only thing it was good for was the practice tests. I was lucky enough to have bought the Princeton Review Cracking The SAT Math 1 & 2 guide, and I can safely say that this is light years ahead of Barron's.

    The information presented within the book is fantastic. Before writing the test, I only had a basic understanding of what was being tested, I hardly knew these sections in enough detail to take the test comfortably. The book tackles each section with amazing detail, everything is explained precisely, with plenty of examples to practice on. The notes are direct and comprehensive, and very easy to understand for someone who doesn't experience this level of maths on a daily basis.

    I enjoyed that it included Math 1 information, and did not just assume you knew it well enough to move past it, thus helping to set a foundation for Math 2 studying. Even though there are only 2 practice tests for Math 2, each test had 3 sections, the test, answer key and answer explanations. The answer explanations is where I find that this book destroys Barron's. Upon marking your test and finding your score, you can have all your weaknesses and problems explained in detail to you, allowing you to build on your mistakes. I feel it is this holistic view to the practice tests that makes this book the best, in my opinion.

    Considering that I started studying only 2 days before I wrote the test, and still got 800, I found that this book worked wonders. If you are an international and not studying the US curriculum I cannot recommend this book enough.
  • The Boss - The best topical acne system I have triedI used to have mild to the occasional severe breakouts. I tried just about everything from proactive to this crazy all apples and enema fast thing... DON'T DO IT!! You'll never look at apples the same! I even tried a powerful prescription medication that was later banned 😳😳!! Anyhow, it's no secret how to get clear skin, eat healthy, drink ALOT of water, and use a quality topical system like Exposed.
  • BlueEyes - Love Maya's Book including "Rush"Maya writes alpha male characters and about women who need a strong man. Yes, Gabe was a little much at times, but you love the care and love he feels for Mia, the girl he watched grow up and become the woman who he so much needs and wants. Actually read the third book first and went to read the first and second.
    IF you like this series you will want to read the Sweet Series too!
  • bruce campbell - I can finally get my revengeWhenever I'm around fruit, I go into a serious depression. This happens mainly around bananas, mangos, and tomatoes, (I'm not sure why tomatoes as they are technically a vegetable). Whenever I see one I sink like a kitten thrown into a river with rocks tied to its ears. But when my best friend mort told me about this product, I had to get it. Now, I'm always cutting the horrible phallic fruit 24/7. Whenever I feel down, I chop up a banana. That makes me feel better instantly.
    Revenge is a dish best served sliced
    Thanks Banana Slicer!!
  • K. Bentley "amateur critic" - Perhaps the most overlooked in Pink Floyd's catalogueAnimals did not become the mega-seller that The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here were. The sound of the album is not radio-friendly, 3 of the 5 songs are over 10 minutes long (the other 2 are 1.5 minute songs, both called Pigs on the Wing,bookending the album), and the subject matter is a lot more austere, cynical and dismal than almost any Floyd album before or since. As a result, Animals is a shamefully underacknowledged album, and does not get recognized as much as it should.The lyrical content was obviously inspired by the George Orwell novel, Animal Farm, and attacked capitalism to the fullest (Roger Waters himself was being known as the 'dictator' of the band during this time. He is credited with writing all 5 of the sonbgs, except "Dogs," in which he shares credit w/ Dave Gilmour). It seperated humans as animals: pigs, dogs and sheep.The first animal that is exposed on this album is the dog, on the 17 minute haunting opus "Dogs." Dogs are seen as corrupt, and greedy liars who get to the top by manipulation, and make endless profits from it, only to get what they deserve at the end ("Have a good drown as you go down all alone dragged by the stone"). The Enron scandal which happened not too long ago comes into play, but business corruption has been happening for centuries."Pigs" is next. Roger Waters tears into certain groups of people who try to shove their opinions down others throats. The third verse ("Hey you Whitehouse...") is an attack, not on the White House, but on Mary Whitehouse, who is pretty much the British counterpart to Tipper Gore, in terms of censorship. "Sheep" is the final epic of the album, and the sheep are portrayed as gullable followers who cannot think for themselves. For me, many groups of people resemble that description, such as middle/high school students who succumb to getting into the latest trends only to fit in, the consequence being lack of accpetance or scorn by their peers. In the middle of the song, Waters gives a bizarre adaptation of a prominent segment of the Bible ("The Lord is my Sheperd").Animals is a reflection of society that is still relevant to this day. Whereas Dark Side, The Wall, and Wish You Were Here were more personal albums (mostly dealing w/ the psychological decay of Syd Barrett), Animals is probably the most political and synecological of any Pink Floyd album. It's worth listening to, and occasionally it gets the honor of being my favorite Pink Floyd album.