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  • Stacy Black "Booklover" - LOVED THIS BOOK!!!This is my second book by Ms Afshar. I think she is a wonderful writer. I am a Christian, but admit to also reading secular books because often Christian characters are just too good to be true. Ms Afshar's characters seem very real and are easily lovable. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Sarah. I was impressed with her spunk and sympathized w/ her struggles to find self worth. The book realistically moved her from one situation to the next allowing her to grow in her ability to form relationships w/ others and to find her self worth in God's love for her. Then at the perfect time the romantic element came in to also give me not only a wonderful read but a love story that made me want to reread some parts immediately when I finished. Just a VERY enjoyable and entertaining read w/o perfect or "preachy" characters!! Cannot wait for the next book which is going to include some of these main characters. I hope Ms Afshar writes quickly!!
  • Sonya - Works WondersOrajel cold sore medicine works wonders. I was very skeptical and have tried others that really did not do a whole lot. Orajel immediately went to work and stopped the stinging sensation and the cold sole never erupted!"I received a free sample of New Orajel(tm) Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment from Smiley360.
  • janey reynolds - A riveting, haunting thriller from a hugely talented new authorSTILL MISSING is mesmerizing; the freshest, most richly characterized thriller I've read in many years. Annie O'Sullivan--the realtor we learn at the beginning has escaped from being held hostage for a year by a charming killer who abducted her at an open house--is a remarkable, damaged, resourceful heroine we care deeply about as she remembers her year in a mountain cabin with "The Freak" and struggles to reclaim her life and herself,thinking her ordeal is over. It's not. Chevy Stevens delivers surprises in STILL MISSING that take your breath away--as her writing does, again and again. This one resonates long after you've finished the last page.