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  • A. parkhurst "Parkhurst" - A Courtney Love Fan MUST HAVECourtney's life story and diaries are even more wild and interesting than you thought. Finally her intellegence is showcased rather than her toubles. Kudos to Courtney Love on this book!

    Technically this book is well done, the pictures are brilliant and the lay out of the book is awesome.
  • Jovi - Great!Great drugs cards!! Colorful photos. Detailed and easy to understand drug info. Small and compact to store. Pharmacy students: grab these cards!!
  • Ali Marsh - Buy Dyson DC44 hands down vs Hoover Linx!!!!I, like many, was debating on purchasing the Dyson DC44 vs the Hoover Linx. There are multiple reviews going both ways on both products. So I decided to purchase both and do my own reviews and testing. The Dyson DC44 won HANDS DOWN!!!! I crumbled crackers and spread them out on my rug that I have under our kitchen table. It is a berber type rug with a design so it has various levels. The Hoover, with multiple passes, left quite a few crumbs on the rug that it simply would not pick up. The Dyson sucked all the crumbs up in 2 passes on the lowest setting! I do believe this is due to the bristles located on the brush of the vacuum. The dyson bristles are very rigid and hard while the Hoover bristles are a lot softer. This probably allows the Dyson to pick up the crumbs easier and faster. Now I do have to admit, both vacuums performed equal on my hard floors. They both picked up crumbs with ease and were able to get close to the edge as well. I do like the maneuverability of the Dyson due to its ball technology. The hoover does swivel a little but not near as much as the Dyson does. I did the cracker crumb test on regular carpet as well and they seemed to perform pretty equal on that. However, with the tougher bristles I have to believe that the Dyson will be able to pick up deeper imbedded dust and debris, not just surface level cracker crumbs. So, if you are looking solely for hard floor pickups, I would have probably kept the Hoover for its cheaper price point. However- the swivel action of the Dyson is nice for that too. For my purposes using it on hard floors, rugs and carpets- I can justify the price difference on the Dyson because of the way it performed, not to mention the various attachments and its use as a handvac as well!
  • John C. Liu "JCL" - Like the display and Google Map connectionSmart & easy user interface, best of all I can program my trip on Google Map and send it to nevi 50. The display is clear and suction cup works well on rental cars. I have used it on 2 separate out of state trips and loved it. Please note you need to download program form Garmin site to transfer the Google map destinations.