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  • Harry Puncec - Finding you wayThis is the third or fourth version of this I've bought over the past decade and clearly I like it. This latest version is as good as the previous ones and seems to have a lot of new points of interest locations and street details. It would be great if I could just update the maps without installing the whole new application (like I can on my Garmin) but I'm sure Microsoft needs the money.
  • Pen Name - Amazing!I have acne bc of medication I take. In two years I have only been able to maintain partially clear skin. I have had this product 3 days and my problem areas are almost clear. As far as other reviews about the price if you have true acne you've already spent hundreds on products that just don't work. This work's and fast no need to wait weeks for results. If you're like me and can't find anything past maintaining semi clear skin buy this product.
  • jevans911 - Excellent OS!I'm not sure why there have been so many negative reviews of the OS, but I'm guessing its from people that are used to the old convention of how Windows operates and might not have taken the time to fully acclimate to this iteration. It's clearly faster than Win 7 and I *love* the live tiles and how well it integrates with my Nokia Windows Phone is a bonus too! Some of the apps are rudimentary right now, but I'm sure that MS is working on upgrading them as I type this. Overall I give it an A++ both for appearance AND operation!
  • Bohse - SGX SkycaddieHI,

    this device is excellent, there is no doubt about it but I received a non working device from the seller and I was very angry ...!
    When I tried to charge that device, it didn`t work at all ...!
    Although I tried to charge it more than 10 times it did not work ...!!!
    Finally I contacted people of Skycaddie Support Dpt. in England ( I am staying in US ...!!) many times - that cost me a lot of money ...!! Afterr many examinations thesy offered me to send me a new device ..! That device is working great ...!
    I am very disappointed about the seller he might have know that this device was a damaged device ..!
    I am waiting for your comments and your goodwill having such problems and my expenses...!
    W.-D. Bohse
  • Lil B - So far, so goodGot the item about 6 weeks ago and so far I am very satisfied. I decided to do certain areas first and then work on other ones instead of doing full body treatments all in one sessions. I like doing it this way. In the long run it's taking alot longer but I'm able to keep track of progress and not have to spend 45 minutes or more per session. The pain is very minimal. I use the highest setting and I hardly feel it except on my underarms where the hair is a bit thicker. Just did my 3rd treatment today and I think it's working great. The hair is growing much slower and has become thinner for sure...even a couple patches where the hair is gone altogether. I'm thinking within the next two weeks most areas will be hair free if the progress continues. Overall good product and I would suggest it to others.