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Country: North America, US, United States

City: Dallas, Texas

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  • Angie H - Psycho all the way!Without giving any spoilers I have to say this is a great read! The biggest issue I have read that people have with this book is the ending. I've got to say I initially did not like it either. However, when I thought about it it had a creepy twilight zone, psycho feel to it. If it were a movie I'd imagine the final scene with the camera zooming out and the psycho theme playing.
  • Carrie L. Wade "Carrie Wade" - 2012 The Return of QuetzalcoatlFor content I give the book 5 stars: it is on par with other works of its kind i.e. The Celestine Prophecy; however, I was disappointed that the publisher/printer did not proof the book adequately prior to publication. In my copy, page 261 ends abruptly with an unfinished sentence. There is a missing portion that would have formed the transition between pages 262 and 263. Page 265 begins in mid-sentence. There also appears to be what printers refer to as "ink starvation" wherein the print fades out in sections. Alas, I am old enough to remember a time when even the most humble of published works were a reflection of the printer's craftsmanship. It is a shame that so important a work as this book has succumbed to the inherent systematic lowering of standards in our techno-driven world to which Mr. Pinchbeck so eloquently alludes.
  • The Book Collector "Sulaco" - Please do not believe the minions of the Chinese Communist Party!!!I recently read and finished this book after hearing an interview with the author on NPR. I was touched more than anything by one thing she said. She said (and I paraphrase) that many young people in the US want to start their own business or become entrepreneurs because of the wrong reasons, including wanting to make more money or not wanting to work under someone else. She said both of these were the wrong reasons to start your own business venture and that one of the reasons that one should start one's own business is to create value.

    This answer alone is worth far more than five stars. I immediately bought this book and read it in one go. Thereafter I was stunned to see all the negative reviews of this book on Amazon the controversy fueled by these reviews which claims some inaccuracies on the Author's part. These inaccuracies have been explained away by the Author in an article in the Huffington Post.

    However, on closer scrutiny you will realize that these "reviewers" are nothing more than the minions of the communist party of China who have been asked to flood this website with negative reviews. I urge one and all to not believe these minions and read the book and decide for themselves. Additionally, people could also hear her interview on NPR and read her article on the Huffinton Post.

    P.S.:- I think the article "The Persecution of Ping Fu" by "Harold Evans" on "The Daily Beast" is a must read too, just to get a better idea of how these so called "reviewers" operate. They are there too mind you, and have posted the same replies which each one of them has been asked to post by their "Supervisors".