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  • Coalheart - Great for OTR truck drivers.I use this as an OTR truck driver. It's great for route planning. It's really nice seeing an overview of your route as well as planning stops and 10 hour breaks with ease. ( I also use Truck Stops Plus add-on, so I know where all the truck stops/ weigh stations Wal-Marts etc are and can easily add them to my route).

    I use the GPS feature. Obviously you must still verify the route with your road atlas, as this product is designed for cars (Truck Stop Plus really helps here) but it's nice seeing and hearing about upcoming turns as well as keeping a running tab of your progress. Speaking of hearing the turns, I turn the "pause Windows media player" option off, because every time the software says "out of route" (road construction, pulling in to fuel, etc) it starts and stops the media player over and over.

    Overall, I really love this product. It just makes life a lot easier. I would highly recommend it to any trucker. I also highly advise getting the Truck Stop Plus add-on. ( )
  • Cuddle Bug "Loves to read." - Good law--worth the read--this quirky, edgy thriller delivers the crazy. #edgy #thrilling #pageturnerQuirky, edgy thriller that delivers the crazy. I started this late on Thanksgiving Day and the next thing I knew it was 5:00 in the morning and I was plugging in my tablet so I could finish (doncha love the fabulous Kindle apps for every device? Sure, I have a Kindle PaperWhite that I love yet sometimes I like to read on the tablet). Spect the sequel will star Amy as the sociopathic emerging serial-killer that she is on her way to being. Yes, I thought the last several chapters were hurried, and lacked the depth and polish of the rest of the book--that said, this book is one fantastic wild ride. How does the saying go, "H-ll hath no fury like woman scorned?" (or in this case, h-ll hath no fury like an angry, disenchanted wife). You will not regret reading this book, even if you don't love it as much as I did. Think page-turner, thriller, creepy, weird and edgy (and surprising, up to the point where the author reveals what is happening, and still fascinating after that point). Happy reading~*
  • Charels Andersun - Free and fun; best of both worlds.Downloaded this for my Coby Kyros 8" tablet. Graphics are great and the animation is very smooth. Controls feel very natural, and not very complicated. I enjoy the "smart" pitching controls, which have you swipe your finger in a specific pattern to throw your desired pitch; a big improvement from the tapping style of the classic control. The "smart" batting gets frustrating, trying to tilt the screen to aim your bat, but thankfully you can revert back to the classic swing, which only relies on timing. The super players add excitement and challenge, but are expensive to level up. Many modes, in which you can take control of a single batter, pitcher, or a whole team and run them through a "Season", and you are allowed to edit everything, including names, teams logos, colors, uniforms and more. Overall, a great experience.